Why We Created a Gender-Inclusive Stock Photo Library

The Gender Spectrum Collection is a stock photo library featuring trans and non-binary models that aims to help media better represent members of these communities.

Lindsay Schrupp

Dyeing My Hair Rainbow Colors Will Never Make Me 'Less Asian'

Rather than my race, my hair became what people recognized and distinguished me by. But as my white friends began to accept me, I realized that my acceptance of myself was suffering.

Michelle Zhu

Why Does Penetration Hurt During Sex for Some People?

In the US, an estimated one in 500 women has vaginismus, a condition that makes penetrative sexual intercourse incredibly painful. Broadly spoke to women about how vaginismus has affected their sex lives.

Maighna Nanu

Karaoke Is Most Fun When It's Also Depressing

I never intended for karaoke to be a method of self-care or whatever, but when I think back to my peak karaoke-going days in 2016, when I went almost every week...yeah, I suppose something was up.

Jinnie Lee

These Drag Kings Are the Only Royalty We Acknowledge

The performers of Pecs, a British drag collective of women and non-binary people, are proof that it feels good to be king.

Jason Okundaye

How I Enjoyed Sex Again After My Herpes Diagnosis

After Emily Depasse received a herpes diagnosis in 2015, she felt unloveable and hopeless about her future. Over time she realized that the STI wasn't a life sentence—and she was worthy of pleasure.

Emily Depasse

Making Collages Is a Way of Putting Myself Together

When I'm done cutting and pasting, I feel like my ideas have value.

Laia Garcia

The Problem With Telling Women to Email Like Men

Maybe men should use more exclamation points!

Victoria Turk

Broadly Picks: 9 Must-Read Books by Women

Feminista Jones, Fatimah Asghar, Virgie Tovar, and other women you need on your bookshelf—today and every day.

Broadly Staff

Disabled Activists Should Not Have to Die to Have Our Voices Heard

Carrie Ann Lucas's recent insurance-related death has brought new eyes to her work as a prominent activist—and is yet another instance of disability rights only gaining mainstream attention after one of us dies.

s.e. smith

What Happens When You Get Scammed By an Influencer

Former fans of Caroline Calloway, Flat Tummy Tea endorsers, and other influencers tell us what it's like to feel scammed by Instagram #aesthetics.

Amelia Tait

My First One Night Stand Was So Bad, I Almost Gave Up On Casual Sex

Just because casual sex isn't great the first time, it doesn't mean you should stop trying, says sex YouTuber Florence Barkway.

Florence Barkway