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Parent Traps

5 of the Best 'Parent Traps' in TV History

Lindsay Lohan's iconic remake of the "The Parent Trap" turns 20 today, but the movie's legacy is still alive and well in pop culture.
Leila Ettachfini

Remembering Lindsay Lohan's Bonkers Christmas Light Feud with an Entire English Town

“Everyone knows where Kettering is... It’s famous as the home of Weetabix breakfast cereal.”
Sirin Kale
This Week in 2007

Rihanna's Forgotten Bob Marley Cover Deserves a Rewatch

Before the mononymous icon was a multi-genre success, her cover of "Is This Love?" provided a poignant glimpse of her transformative talent.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

Remembering the Car Chase that Forever Changed Lindsay Lohan's Career

The summer of 2007 was supposed to launch Lindsay as an edgy, Oscar-bait actress. Instead, she drove 100 miles an hour on the Pacific Coast Highway.
Mitchell Sunderland

Viewers Don't Want to Watch Tragedy Exploited on Reality TV

Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson are returning for the reunion episode of "Bachelor in Paradise," but history shows bringing public scandals into reality TV after the fact never bodes well.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

July 4th, 2007 Was Iconic

Lindsay Lohan left rehab to celebrate her 21st birthday in Malibu with her mom, while Brody Jenner struggled to row a kayak.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

Britney Spears Was a Great Blogger

Before she ruled Instagram, Britney Spears maintained a personal blog that showed an intelligence and sense of humor rarely attributed to her.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

The Sad Story Behind the Passed-Out Lindsay Lohan Meme

Everyone knows the paparazzi-photo-turned-meme, but few remember the weekend that preceded it.
Mitchell Sunderland

Remembering the Bananas Rape Comedy from the Man Who Made 'The Princess Diaries'

The Garry Marshall-directed "Georgia Rule" starred Lindsay Lohan, whose personal problems overshadowed the complicated, strange politics of the 2007 film.
Mitchell Sunderland

Remembering Coachella 2007, When Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan Reigned

Amy Winehouse may not have headlined Coachella, but she was the axis of the cultural elite and messy starlets that defined the era.
Mitchell Sunderland
paris hilton

What It Was Like to Draw Britney, Lindsay, and Paris During Their Day in Court

As a courtroom sketch artist in Beverly Hills, renowned fashion illustrator Mona Shafer Edwards has drawn everyone from Michael Jackson to OJ Simpson. But 2007 marked a shift in the defendants she captured.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

How 2007 Became a Meme

It was the year Britney Spears shaved her head, Paris Hilton went to jail, Lindsay Lohan crashed a car, and George W. Bush drove the world economy into a proverbial tree. And now the stars' (and America's) survival has become the internet's symbol of...
Mitchell Sunderland