7 Books to Guide You Through Grief and Loss

Whether you're mourning the death of a loved one or just dealing with the despair of everyday life, these titles will help you heal.
Laura Winnick

A Depressed PhD Student Meets the Merman of Her Wet Dreams in 'The Pisces'

In this exclusive excerpt from Melissa Broder's highly anticipated debut novel, protagonist Lucy meets an eerily sexy swimmer.
So Sad Today
Melissa Broder
You Know Who Rules?

The Woman Working to Ensure No Community Is Left Without Literature

Lisa Lucas is the first black woman to be named executive director of the National Book Foundation—and in her second year in the position, her vision is more ambitious than ever.
Linda Yang

The Shockingly Convincing Argument That Severus Snape Is Transgender

On Tumblr, a community of Harry Potter scholars has spent years poring over the fantasy series and has come to the only possible conclusion: the Potions professor is a transgender woman.
Diana Tourjée

Science Has Consistently Underestimated Women Because Scientists Are Sexist

In her new book, "Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong," Angela Saini argues that the "sexist baggage" within science has made us—mistakenly—believe women are weaker than men.
Sirin Kale

Talking with a Child Soldier and the Young Man He Refused to Kill

He was 13 and meant to kill him. Instead, they escaped and later reunited in Canada.
Mitchell Sunderland

I Tried and Failed to Learn Manners from Bill O'Reilly's Children's Book

Who better to teach me when to say "please" than a Fox News host, who was just ousted from Fox News after reports of settling multiple sexual harassment lawsuits?
Mitchell Sunderland

New Novel Explores Queer Life and Terrorism in 1990s Greece

When Cara Hoffman started writing 'Running,' she couldn't predict its parallels to politics today.
Mitchell Sunderland

Exploring the Terror of Motherhood with Latin America's Most Promising Novelist

Samanta Schweblin is an Argentinian prodigy whose work has already been translated into twenty languages. Now her mesmerizing, frightening debut novel ‘Fever Dream’ has been translated into English for the first time.
Sirin Kale

Before the Paleo Diet, Walt Whitman Encouraged Men to Eat More Meat

A new book, 'Manly Health and Training,' collects the poet's long lost self-help articles about men's health.
Mitchell Sunderland

Rebecca Solnit: How to Find Hope in a New Era of Darkness

In the shadow of Trump's inauguration, Solnit revisits the lessons of her landmark book, "Hope in the Dark," to explain why despair during this time is premature.
Steven Blum

Rachel Cusk Examines the Power of Motherhood by Ignoring It

While many writers have turned to autobiography in their work, the Canadian author, who was torn apart in the press after publishing controversial memoirs about motherhood and divorce, has developed a unique strategy for critiquing culture in her new...
Olivia Parkes