Los Angeles


The Latinx Artist Capturing LA's Punk Scene in Raw, Intimate Portraits

Shizu Saldamando creates hand-drawn portraits of friends at backyard parties, club nights, and rock shows as a way to honor her often-overlooked community.
Eva Recinos
The Privacy and Perception Issue

Photos Exploring Intimacy and Vulnerability in the Latinx Community

Panamanian Photographer Lorena Endara spends time on Lorena Street in Los Angeles through a single year, capturing photos that depict why it's a destination for the Latinx community.
Lorena Endara
pride 2018

At My First Pride Parade, I Captured the Thrill of Finally Belonging

It was a day full of love, and I was surrounded by so many people of color—I felt at home, I really did feel at home.
Andres Herrera
Sex Ed

Fourth Graders in Los Angeles Could Define the Future of Sex Ed

The country’s second-largest school district is testing a new sex ed program that could decrease gender-based violence by teaching kids about stereotypes, communication, and puberty starting at nine years old.
Lauren Young

The Lesbian Couple Behind a Multi-Million Dollar Haunted House Empire

After Melissa Carbone and her now ex-wife Alyson Richards noticed neighbors gawking at their Halloween decorations, they turned their hobby into a business.
Mitchell Sunderland

Straight Man Wins $17.4 Million in Gay Discrimination Lawsuit

The 55-year-old alleges that he endured "insults" and "demeaning comments" from supervisors who accused him of being gay. We spoke to Lambda Legal about why his victory can help shape our understanding of discrimination.
Mitchell Sunderland

The Celebrity Impersonators Fighting Los Angeles Gentrification

Hollywood characters have been fighting to preserve their way of life for nearly a decade, battling a city they believe is trying to push low-income families out of the area.
Mitchell Sunderland

Playboy Model Sentenced to Clean Graffiti in 'Body-Shaming' Case

2015 Playmate of the Year Dani Mathers had Snapchatted a nude photo she took of an elderly woman in the locker room with the caption, "If I can't unsee this then you can't either."
Mitchell Sunderland
Los Angeles

Meet the Actress Reinventing the Role of the TV Maid on 'The Mick'

With her breakthrough role on the Fox sitcom, character actress Carla Jimenez brings depth to what could have been a boring stereotype.
Mitchell Sunderland
Los Angeles

'La La Land' Composer Explains Why His Music Isn't Supposed to Sound Nostalgic

Justin Hurwitz grew up on Disney musicals, and intended for the critically-acclaimed film, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, to reinvent the movie musical.
Mitchell Sunderland

The Legend of Goddess Bunny, Hollywood's Forgotten, Disabled, Trans Art Star

The Goddess Bunny entertained generations of gay punks through her tap dancing, film roles, and avant-garde performances. I assumed she had died—until one of her adopted "sons" sent me a message, asking me to tell her story.
Mitchell Sunderland

He Comes and Goes: Boy George Is Back

Boy George's flamboyant style and personal problems at times overshadowed Culture Club's musical influence. As the world goes genderqueer and Culture Club reunites for a world tour, George and the boys believe its time critics take their art seriously...
Mitchell Sunderland