Signs of Love

How to Survive Dating a Virgo, the Most Judgmental Zodiac Sign

It's not always easy, but you'll never be bored!
Danny Larkin
Love Bites

How to Tell If Someone Is Over You, According to Their Zodiac Sign

Cancers basically invented ghosting.
Annabel Gat

Should You Get Back With Your Ex?

Sixty percent of Americans say they would get back with their ex. But is it ever a good idea?
Natasha Wynarczyk
Valentine's Day

Actually It's You, Not Us: A Toast To Breakups

For Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the doomed relationships that shaped us, in all their messy glory. Because love is just as much about heartbreak as it is about romance.
Lindsay Schrupp
Zing Tsjeng
Getting Out of Bed

Nigella Lawson Helped Me Cure My Heartbreak

When my first love broke my heart, I found joy in cooking—and an encouraging DM from Nigella Lawson.
Bianca Betancourt

The Ins and Outs of Topping as a Trans Girl

I'm not into topping—but plenty of other trans women are. I asked some (and a few straight guys who bottom) what it's like for them.
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard

Asexual People Tell Us What Their Romantic Lives Are Like

“I can look into my girlfriend’s eyes and feel the warmth that anyone in a happy relationship will feel—I just don’t feel that sexual urge to jump someone’s bones," and other stories of ace love.
Serena Sonoma
My First Time

Having Sex With My Best Friend Was the Worst Decision Ever

Sleeping with my BFF and roommate was amazing—until it wasn't. So why did I do it all over again with another best friend?
Jess Thomas
astro guide

Your 2019 Love and Money Horoscopes

Everything you need to know heading into the wild, busy year to come.
Annabel Gat
Signs of Love

Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Pisces

She's serving fish...and feelings.
Danny Larkin
VICE Guide to Life

5 People on What They Wish They Knew in Their First Relationships

Writers Marie Lodi Andreakos, Tasbeeh Herwees, Muna Mire, Krista Burton, and Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard weigh on in the love lessons they would have appreciated hearing early on in their romantic careers.
Amy Rose Spiegel

I Fell In Love While My Hair Was Falling Out

Alopecia made me feel unloveable—but I was wrong.
Kathleen Wong