For Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the break-ups that shaped us, in all their messy glory. Because love is just as much about heartbreak as it is about romance.

A Witch's Guide to Cord Cutting, the Simple Ritual to Get Over Your Ex

Your step-by-step guide to a ritual that will help you let go of your ex, heal, and meet someone new.

Sophie Saint Thomas

How to Stop Obsessing Over What Your Ex Is Up to Now

You can block them, delete Instagram, or chuck your phone out the window, but nothing is more effective than simply not caring anymore.

Leila Ettachfini

What a Perfect Breakup Scene Looks Like, According to a Screenwriter

The screenwriter behind "Legally Blonde" and "10 Things I Hate About You" explains how you can destroy your protagonist's heart on screen.

Amanda Scriver

The Post-Breakup Guide To Social Media

When to block, when to mute, and when to post a thirst trap.

Anna Pulley

Intimate Photos of People Who Mastered the Post-Breakup Glow-Up

Splitting up from your partner can be an opportunity for personal growth—both internally and externally. Just take it from these folks.

Bex Wade

Having Breakup Sex with My Ex Was the Worst Idea Ever

When blogger Amelia Perrin broke up with her boyfriend, there was just one snag: they had a holiday booked together. Cue a week of cosplaying as a couple, long discussions about their relationship—and a lot of breakup sex.

Amelia Perrin

How to Tell If Someone Is Over You, According to Their Zodiac Sign

Cancers basically invented ghosting.

Annabel Gat

'You've Got Mail' Is a Love Story About a Millionaire Destroying a Woman's Livelihood

'You've Got Mail' isn't a frothy romantic comedy with added dial-up modem sounds. It's a disturbing true-to-life thriller about a corporate executive slowly driving a women's business into the ground.

Amelia Tait

These Apps Are Designed to Heal Your Heartbreak. Do They Really Work?

Mend and Break-Up Boss are part of a new wave of self-care apps that promise to help you get over ex.

Laura Blackwell

7 Movies on Netflix That Prove Being Single Is The Best

No one's expecting anything of you this February 14, and that's a good thing! Celebrate being single this Valentine's Day by enjoying these films on Netflix right now.

Leila Ettachfini

This Online Community Is Obsessed With Johnny Depp and Kate Moss' Failed Relationship

While they were together, Depp and Moss were the most photographed couple of the 90s. But what drives the online nostalgia for their relationship, even after Depp was accused of abuse?

Dominique Sisley

How to Tell Someone Is Flirting with You, According to Their Sign

Let's just say some signs are more subtle than others.

Annabel Gat