Judge Blocks Auction of Tupac's Controversial Break-Up Letter to Madonna

The auction also included Madonna's panties, hairbrush, and correspondences about her hatred for Sharon Stone and Whitney Houston.
Mitchell Sunderland

Why Celebrities Stopped Following Kabbalah

Everyone from Madonna to President Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples dabbled in the mystical religion, but over the last few years, the trend has fallen out of style.
Emalie Marthe

Madonna's Iconic Blond Ambition Dancers Are Reuniting to Tell Their Story

An emotional new documentary examines what happened after the 1991 film "Truth or Dare" scandalously pulled back the curtain on Madonna's Blond Ambition tour and encouraged young people around the world to express their sexuality.
Kristin Hunt

Celebrity Makeup Artist 'Mama Makeup' Accused of Stabbing Sister with Umbrella

Sharon "Mama Makeup" Gault has worked for Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Lady Gaga. This week, she was arrested for allegedly stabbing her sister with an umbrella.
Mitchell Sunderland
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The Cinematic History of Madonna and David Fincher

Two notoriously exacting talents—the ingénue, the wunderkind—seized on each other's velocity at precisely the right moment.
Raza Syed
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This Week We Recommend: Lies About Sweden and Madonna

There's no accounting for taste, but ours is exquisite. Here are our favorite things on the internet this week.
Broadly Staff

How Nick Jonas Became the King of Twinks

The former Disney star has aggressively courted gay audiences during his promotional tour for his first album. Are his intentions good, or is he looking to exploit gay listeners? I spent two months investigating Jonas in the context of gay history to...
Mitchell Sunderland