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What Makeup Does This Professional Dominatrix Wear to Work?

As with all things in life, says Siren Vandoll, sometimes things don't go according to plan—whether it's a liquid eyeliner disaster or a client who doesn't know what they want.
Siren Vandoll
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Missy Elliott Inspired Me to Ditch My Naked Palette

Growing up, 21-year-old Abigail Cherubin felt like she had to pare back her makeup to fit in. But bold makeup helps her reject the stereotypes society places on Black women—even if sometimes it looks like she's crying glitter.
Abigail Cherubin
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Splurging On High-End Beauty Helps This Executive Feel She's Got Her Life Together

High-end beauty products help 25-year-old Natasha Mwansa feel confident in the workplace. Just don't ask her about the Laura Mercier powder she left in a Starbucks–unless you want her to cry.
Natasha Mwansa

I Made My Own Makeup Out of Beets and Charcoal

Easy DIY makeup with the added benefit of smelling like Christmas.
Clara Krohn

The History of Eyeliner

From Ancient Egypt to Twiggy, Prince, and YouTube tutorials, here's how eyeliner got into your makeup bag for good.
Leila Ettachfini

Your Cheap Kylie Lip Kit Is Probably Fake and Might Be Toxic

You might be tempted by that discount lipstick on eBay, but watch out: Knockoff beauty products are everywhere, and they can have dangerous side effects.
David Woode

The Glitter in Your Makeup Could Come From Child Labor

Your highlighter palette might make your cheekbones pop, but kids as young as six are mining the raw mineral that provides its sparkly effect.
Sirin Kale

The Beauty Vloggers Dumpster Diving for High-End Makeup

In a strange twist on the popular phenomenon of "haul videos," some YouTubers are recording themselves showing off thousands of dollars worth of makeup products they scavenge from dumpsters.
Mitchell Sunderland

Meet the Makeup Artist Who Won Gilmore Girls' Only Emmy

Although "Gilmore Girls" is beloved by countless fans, the show has only received just one Emmy: best makeup, for an episode in season four. We spoke to the mastermind behind the award-winning looks.
Sirin Kale

How Young Asian Makeup Artists Are Challenging Beauty Industry Norms

"The mark of progress is to have makeup people and makeup products that want to accentuate Asian features—not make Asian women look white."
Samantha Lui

Are Elaborate Makeup Selfies a Legitimate Way to Grieve?

The idea of "tragedy makeup"—where popular vloggers share looks crafted with mourning horrific events in mind—has long been controversial in the makeup artist community. After Orlando, some feel it's gone too far.
Alex Nursall

Celebrity Makeup Artist 'Mama Makeup' Accused of Stabbing Sister with Umbrella

Sharon "Mama Makeup" Gault has worked for Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Lady Gaga. This week, she was arrested for allegedly stabbing her sister with an umbrella.
Mitchell Sunderland