Come Thru: Billy Porter's Elegant Oscar Dress Was Political Art

"This look was interesting because it’s not drag. I’m not a drag queen, I’m a man in a dress."
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

This Photographer Posed Her Tinder Dates in Feminine and Masculine Portraits

Photographer Marie Hyld met up with strangers she matched with on Tinder and asked them to pose for a photo series exploring gender expression.
Lene Munk

'She's the Man' Is the Most Important Soccer Movie of All Time

The 2006 cult classic taught me that gender cannot delineate a soccer field, a relationship, a feeling, or a talent. (And that, yes, gouda is the best cheese.)
Noa Azulai

A Letter to Teenage Boys, From Someone Who Used to Be One

Author and performer Jacob Tobia opens up about how growing up as a boy felt like being forced to sacrifice your softness and femininity.
Jacob Tobia
stranger things

'Stranger Things 2' and the Shadow Monster of Masculinity

With the great ego-demolishing men of Hawkins, Indiana, "Stranger Things 2" offers a disarming spectrum of masculinity and its many-tentacled harms.
Sara David

How to Teach Teenage Boys to Actually Respect Women

"There's a lot to be gained by talking to men about their behavior."
Roos Wiegerinck
sexual assault

New Report Exposes How Schools Dismiss Rape as 'Hazing' or 'Bullying'

In an expansive investigation on student sexual assault, the Associated Press discovered about 17,000 official reports of sexual violence by students in grades K-12 over a recent four-year period.
Kimberly Lawson

Bromances Allow Men to Openly Love Each Other, New Study Says

"Masculinity is no longer this debilitating curse that forces men to act in a particularly toxic manner and, as such, guys today are having highly emotional, physically tactile and loving friendships with other men. This can only be a positive."
Kimberly Lawson

I Tried to Lengthen My Dick and It Did Not Turn Out So Well

After deciding to test out a penile-enhancing product advertised to me on Instagram, I found that going about your daily routine with a mattress coil in your pants is about as comfortable as it sounds.
Steven Blum

University Hosts 'Masculinity Confession Booth' for Students to Confess Sins

The project is part of a series of events hosted this week by Man Up Against Violence, a student organization at a Canadian university seeking to raise awareness about the harmful effects of toxic masculinity.
Kimberly Lawson

Men Want You to Orgasm Because It Makes Them Feel Manly, Study Says

According to research, your boyfriend's insistence on making you come may have more to do with him viewing your orgasm as a "masculinity achievement" than with your sexual satisfaction.
Kimberly Lawson

For Some Men, Erectile Dysfunction Is Totally Chill

In the US, there is an expectation for men to become erect and have penetrative sex throughout their lives. One study finds that, elsewhere in the world, men are happy to be rid of their hard-ons.
Diana Tourjée