Mass Incarceration

sexual assault

Trans Woman Wins $100K Settlement After Reporting Brutal Rape in a Men's Prison

LeslieAnn Manning says she was raped by another inmate in 2013. Five years later, she won a historic sum from the state — but she's still locked up in a men's facility.
Aviva Stahl

I Was Locked Away from My Children for 14 Months Because I Couldn't Make Bail

Because I couldn't afford to pay $250,000 in bail, I had to languish behind bars for over a year while awaiting trial—without being convicted of a crime.
Lavette Mayes

We Can't Fight Rape Culture Without Fighting Mass Incarceration

Incarcerated people are the population most at risk of sexual violence — but their concerns are largely missing from our current cultural moment of reckoning.
Aviva Stahl
New York

Rikers Corrections Officer Accused of Raping Inmates for Years to Stand Trial

Two women who say they were repeatedly raped by officer Benny Santiago have reached a settlement with the city of New York—but they have not dropped their allegations against the man they say sexually abused them.
Leila Ettachfini

'Those Visits Were Everything': How Prison Visitation Cuts Devastate Families

Buried in the New York state budget is a proposal to cut weekday visits for over 20,000 inmates. For families of incarcerated people, this could mean barely having any real contact with their loved ones.
Victoria Law

Behind Bars for 6 Months, Teen Accused of Killing Abusive Father Awaits Justice

15-year-old Bresha Meadows is accused of aggravated homicide for shooting and killing her father as he slept. Advocates say she and her family were victims of his prolonged abuse, and that Bresha is a hero who was acting to save them. Tomorrow, at her...
Aviva Stahl

A Mother, Serving 15 Years for Marijuana, Makes Last-Minute Plea for Freedom

Crystal Munoz is nine years into a 15-year sentence for possession of marijuana, a crime she says she never committed. With President Obama's time in office coming to an end, she fears this is her last chance for clemency—and her last chance to reunite...
Victoria Law

Here's Who Profits Off of Mass Incarceration After Private Prisons Close

In a groundbreaking move, the Department of Justice has announced that it will end its use of private prisons—but for-profit immigration detention centers with brutal, abusive conditions will be unaffected by the directive.
Aviva Stahl

The Devastating Consequences of Losing Your Parents to Mass Incarceration

Over five million children in the United States have had a parent in jail—and they're often traumatized and overlooked by the system.
Rebecca Nathanson