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After Her Assault Went Viral, Marie Laguerre Turned the Tables on Her Abuser

French student Marie Laguerre was walking home last summer when she was violently assaulted outside a Paris cafe. After CCTV footage of the attack went viral, Laguerre used her platform to educate others on the violence faced by women worldwide.
Ruchira Sharma

Comedian Rose Matafeo Is More Than Your 'Ethnically Ambiguous Sassy Best Friend'

Rising star Rose Matafeo recently won one of comedy's biggest prizes for her show "Horndog." We talked about love, life, and the sexual politics of the wider industry.
Michael Segalov
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Geoffrey Rush Accused of Using a Mirror to Watch His Co-Star Shower

In a new interview, "Orange Is the New Black" actress Yael Stone accused Geoffrey Rush of committing sexual misconduct when the two starred in a 2010 theater production.
Sirin Kale

Megan Fox Explains Why She Didn't Participate in #MeToo

In an interview on the New York Times, Megan Fox opened up about why she hasn't shared her own #MeToo stories with the world.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

#MeToo, a Movement Reliant on Reporting, Reveals the Limits of Journalism

Because of legal obligations, writing—and reading—journalism about #MeToo means suspending belief in people who come forward about sexual assault.
Sadie Graham
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R. Kelly's Victimhood Doesn't Excuse His Alleged Sexual Misconduct

“I Admit” addresses sexual misconduct accusations against Kelly and mentions his childhood experiences with abuse. Critics say the song seems like a bizarre attempt to garner public sympathy in the hopes of absolving Kelly of his alleged crimes.
Leila Ettachfini

What Happens When 40 Women Filmmakers Tell Their Own Stories

Amy Adrion tells Broadly about "Half the Picture," her documentary where filmmakers like Ava DuVernay and Miranda July address the question: Why are so few women hired to direct films?
Sara David
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Natalie Portman Is One of the Few Celebrities to Apologize for Supporting Roman Polanski

We reached out to some of the most high-profile signatories to a 2009 petition in support of Roman Polanski, to ask them whether they regretted their endorsement of the convicted abuser.
Sirin Kale