mental health

The Unique Struggle of Being a Nurse with Depression

When I was a nursing student, all I wanted was to be seen as an efficient caregiver. That became difficult when I couldn't take care for myself.
Risa Kerslake

How Doctors Gaslight Women into Doubting Their Own Pain

Maya Dusenbery’s book, "Doing Harm: The Truth About How Bad Medicine and Lazy Science Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed, and Sick," explains how women’s health issues have historically been dismissed—and what we can do about it now.
Suzannah Weiss

The Victorian Occultist Accused of Killing Men With Her Mind

Pioneering feminist and animal rights campaigner Anna Kingsford was one of the 19th century's most remarkable women. Then she was charged with using black magic to murder two vivisectionists.
Dee Cunning

Cries Intensify to Remove Statue of Gynecologist Who Experimented on Female Slaves

In the US, there are still three public memorials to Dr. J. Marion Sims, a doctor known for performing experimental surgeries on black women without anesthesia or consent during the 19th century.
Kimberly Lawson

'There Is Still Hope': Photos From an Emergency Protest Against Trumpcare

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were among the crowd rallying to vote down the American Health Care Act.
Izzie Ramirez

'Fear of the Clit': A Brief History of Medical Books Erasing Women's Genitalia

We've come a long way since scientists asserted that the clitoris was a deformity, but the view of women as underdeveloped men and child receptacles still haunts our textbooks.
Suzannah Weiss

What It Looks Like When Med Students' Grades Depend on Listening to Women

The University of Oxford medical school is pioneering a groundbreaking way of teaching gynecology, in which women from the general public train would-be doctors in the fine art of performing a pain-free pap smear.
Olivia Gordon

The Misogynistic History of Trying to Understand Women Who Self-Harm

For centuries, women and men alike have been engaging in acts of self-harm, but our understanding of the behavior has long been limited by sexist stereotypes.
Rachel Vorona Cote

I Ate Activated Charcoal to Try to Prevent Myself from Getting Drunk

People from various corners of Pinterest boast about the many benefits of activated charcoal—from detoxing stomachs to curing hangovers. I decided to put the new fad to the ultimate test and popped some charcoal pills.
Bethy Squires
history of

Bloody Relief: The Evolution of Period Pain Cures

From sticking weed in your vagina to steaming open your cervix, the annals of menstrual relief medicine is long and bleeding complicated.
Alya Mooro

The Medical Condition that Makes You Smell Like Rotting Fish

Trimethylaminuria, or "fish odor syndrome," makes sufferers stink of everything from garbage to feces—even their tears can smell. We find out what it's like to suffer from the socially alienating ailment.
Amber Bryce

How Your Genetics Influence When You Lose Your Virginity

New research shows that your genes are closely associated with when you pop your cherry and the age you have your first child. We talked to a scientist who worked on the groundbreaking study.
Zing Tsjeng