Getting Out of Bed

Why Do So Many Adult Men Keep Their Mattresses On The Floor?

Despite most bed frames costing less than a month's worth of cold brews, there appears to be an epidemic of grown-ass men refusing to hoist their mattresses onto one. We investigate.
Maria Yagoda

Inside the Movement to Reprogram Masculinity

Through classes and workshops, men across the United States are attempting to unlearn "toxic masculinity"—for society and for themselves.
Isabelle Kohn

Having Sex With Straight Men and Learning to Love as a Transgender Woman

As a teenage boy, and later a woman, I saw men try, fail, and finally succeed at learning to love.
Diana Tourjée

The Dark Corners of the Internet that Spawned Ideas Like 'Enforced Monogamy'

Academics and media personalities like Jordan Peterson, Robin Hanson, and Ross Douthat are putting a respectable-seeming face on ideology that stems from vitriolic, male-entitlement fueled forums in the manosphere.
David Futrelle

Why Do Men Always Assume You're in Love with Them? An Investigation

Evolution says it helps their mating odds; psychology says they have attachment issues. I think they just aren't very humble.
Sara David

Frats Will Never Be Anything but Hotbeds for Toxic Masculinity

The extremely racist and sexist video involving members of a Syracuse University fraternity that surfaced this week is just one recent incident in a long line of similarly offensive—and often dangerous—behavior.
Kimberly Lawson
Sex machina

I Confronted the Men Who Sent Me Unsolicited Dick Pics

Not that I recommend doing it, or even having conversations with men at all.
Maria Yagoda
golden globes

Brave: These Men Wore 'Time's Up' Pins Despite Not Caring About Women

The women of Hollywood used their platforms to address abuse and injustice. The men were...less impressive.
Lena Solow

This Man’s Official Job Title Is Vaginal Happiness Manager

“I’m just a normal guy."
Maria Yagoda

Dick Pics on Display: The Woman Behind the Controversial Art Show

Curator Whitney Bell says the exhibit of unsolicited dick pics exposes a culture of sexism, but some have classified her work as revenge porn.
Mitchell Sunderland
Inside Men

At Starbucks, Men Open Up About the Stigma of Pumpkin Spice Lattes

August 28th marks the beginning of the annual sale of this iconic fall flavor. But the drink's yummy autumnal blend appears to be haunted by sexist sentiments that men are finally ready to defy.
Diana Tourjée
Leila Ettachfini
actually it's good

You Need to Watch 'The Covenant,' a Film About Shirtless Male Witches

When "The Covenant" came out in 2006, it was universally panned. We rewatched the film and have decided that it's a masterpiece, mostly because it features a shirtless Tim Riggins and shirtless Nate from "Gossip Girl" doing witchcraft.
Callie Beusman
Diana Tourjée