What It's Like Growing Up with the Belief that Tampons Take Virginity

As a teen, I felt stuck in a miserable balancing act: hiding tampons from my family or being shamed by friends for not using them.
Leila Ettachfini
Womens History Month

The Forgotten Black Woman Inventor Who Revolutionized Menstrual Pads

Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner was a self-taught inventor who created the sanitary belt and filed five patents in her lifetime.
Zing Tsjeng

Why Your Dreams Get Wild Right Before Your Period

We asked two doctors if your premenstrual dreams actually mean anything, and why they occur.
Kanika Banwait

The 'Tampon Crusader' Who Pushed to Make Periods a Political Issue

Broadly spoke to Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, the author of a new book on menstrual equity, about what it's like to live in "The Year of Infinite Period Possibility."
Kimberly Lawson
birth control

The Man Behind the Pill Decided Women 'Need' to Have Periods—But They Don't

If you're on the birth control pill, you're most likely going through withdrawal bleeding once a month. But there's no medical reason for having a simulated period every three weeks.
Leila Ettachfini

A 12-Year-Old Reportedly Killed Herself After Being Shamed For Getting Her Period

In India, a girl committed suicide after her teacher allegedly punished her for soiling her clothes with menstrual blood. Advocates explain why period stigma can be dangerous.
Sirin Kale

It's Been Almost 100 Years and Women Still Don't Have the Tampons We Deserve

From rubber belts to hymen hysteria, the history of tampons is a reflection of the uphill battle for women's rights.
Bethy Squires

The 'Culture of Silence' Around Periods Is Putting Girls' Lives at Risk

A new report reveals how taboos around menstruation and other forms of vaginal bleeding endangers the health of women and girls around the world.
Kimberly Lawson

Living with Endometriosis, an Agonizing Disease with No Known Cause or Cure

For most of her life, Chloe has struggled with debilitating periods. When she was 25, she finally went to the hospital. It took four years to diagnose her. Why won't doctors take menstrual pain seriously?
Rosa Furneaux

In Historic Move, Scotland Will Give Low-Income Women Free Pads and Tampons

Few, if any, countries provide women with free sanitary products because they're not seen as necessary—but women are hugely impacted when they can't afford menstrual care.
Kimberly Lawson

Why Scientists Wrongly Thought Periods Prevented Women from Thinking Clearly

A new study shows that hormones released during menstruation have no effect on women's cognitive abilities, challenging centuries of sexist assumptions.
Misha Gajewski
reproductive health

The Activists Making Sure Kids Don't Miss School Because of Their Periods

Schoolchildren in the UK are missing class because they can't afford tampons and sanitary pads—but feminist activists Fourth Wave are on the case of period poverty.
Zing Tsjeng