Asia Argento Plans to Sue Rose McGowan Over Sexual Assault Statement

Rose McGowan may be facing a libel lawsuit after not responding to Asia Argento's request that McGowan retract her statements about a sexual assault claim against Argento.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
16 hours ago
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McDonald's Workers Strike Across the Country to Protest Sexual Harassment

McDonald's workers in 10 cities walked out of work on Tuesday, calling on the fast-food franchise to take workplace harassment more seriously.
Marie Solis
20 hours ago

Asia Argento Threatens to Sue Rose McGowan Over Sexual Assault Statement

The actress and #MeToo activist asked her former friend Rose McGowan to retract her public statement about Argento's alleged sexual assault of Jimmy Bennett.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
2 days ago
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After Assault Allegations, GOP Points to 65 Women Saying Kavanaugh Is a 'Good Person'

Following accusations that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a woman when he was in high school, Senator Chuck Grassley released a letter including the names of 65 women defending his character.
Marie Solis
5 days ago

Andrea Long Chu Is the Cult Writer Changing Gender Theory

"Heterosexuality is bad," and other thoughts from a rising-star writer poking holes in how we talk about power, transgender identity, and what to do after you tell the truth.
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard
New York politics

Andrew Cuomo Received $25,000 Donation From Harvey Weinstein's Law Firm

The New York governor accepted the hefty donation at the same time he temporarily halted a probe into the handling of a 2015 case about Weinstein's alleged misconduct.
Marie Solis

Louis C.K. Receives Standing Ovation at First Set Since Admitting Sexual Misconduct

Months after confirming sexual misconduct allegations against him, Louis C.K. made a surprise appearance at New York City's comedy cellar last night, where he was greeted warmly by a sold-out crowd.
Sirin Kale
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Rose McGowan Releases Letter to Asia Argento After Sexual Assault Allegations

"Be the person you wish Harvey could have been," McGowan tells Argento.
Amy Rose Spiegel

#MeToo Has Always Been About Power—Not Specific People

In the wake of allegations against Asia Argento and Avital Ronell, activists and experts on sexual abuse say we shouldn't be focusing on victims or villains, but rather on justice and real systemic change.
Kimberly Lawson

Asia Argento's Accuser Came Forward Because of #MeToo Movement She Helped Inspire

Actor Jimmy Bennett brought sexual assault allegations against Asia Argento after seeing her speak out against Harvey Weinstein last year.
Marie Solis
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Taylor Swift Opens Up to Fans About Her 'Really Horrible' Sexual Assault Trial

On the one-year anniversary of her trial, Taylor Swift recalled her experiencing defending herself in court as a victim of sexual assault.
Marie Solis

10 Months After Weinstein, #MeToo Legislation Is Still Stalled in Congress

The House and Senate are pitted against each other in disagreements over legislation aimed at curbing sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill.
Marie Solis