Domestic Abuse Victims in the Migrant Caravan Are Stranded at the US Border

The Trump administration will not allow refugees to claim asylum on the basis of domestic violence. That leaves women like Mirna Yolanda Contreras in limbo.
Andalusia Knoll Soloff

The Woman Tracking and Investigating Every Femicide in Mexico

Frida Guerrera, who is herself a survivor of domestic violence, has taken on the tedious work of single-handedly documenting each and every case of femicide in Mexico.
Ollin Velasco

The Activists Using Embroidery to Protest Mexico's Murder Epidemic

For Fuentes Rojas, a collective that reclaims public space through peaceful protest, stitching is one way to remember those who have been disappeared or killed in their country.
Lauren Cocking

How Frida Kahlo's Husband Tried to Lock Away Her Letters to Other Lovers

Diego Rivera hid Kahlo's personal possessions in a bathroom and instructed a friend not to release them until 15 years after his death. Now the rediscovered objects are the subject of a new exhibition in London.
Katy Fallon

The Teen Who Developed a Breast Cancer-Detecting Bra

When worn once a week for 60 minutes, 18-year-old Julian Ríos's Eva Bra can detect everything from a cyst to a tumor.
José Luis Martínez Limón

Women Leading the Mexico City Earthquake Rescue Efforts Share Their Stories

"We've all been here since dawn, sleeping for a while wherever we can, it doesn't matter what gender or age."
Alessandro Parente

University Announces Feminism Conference Featuring 11 Men and One Woman

"What's next? A conference on racism with only white people?"
Sirin Kale

The 'Feminist Brigade' Searching for People Trapped in Rubble in Mexico

“We are women defending women,” one volunteer told Broadly by the ruins of a factory. “We have demanded our right to defend our female comrades and their human rights.”
Anna-Cat Brigida

Undocumented, and Trapped Between Your Abuser and Deportation

Maria fled narcotrafficking violence in Mexico for the safety of the US—only for her abusive ex to report her to the immigration authorities.
Rossalyn Warren

Is This the Most Dangerous Place to Be a Female Journalist Right Now?

One reporter was strangled to death in her apartment; another was shot dead in her car. In Mexico, women in journalism face the constant threat of violence.
Andalusia Knoll Soloff
sexual assault

Judge Clears Rich Teen of Schoolgirl Sexual Assault Because He Didn't Enjoy It

In Mexico, a judge has cleared a wealthy young man who abducted and attacked a classmate—because he didn’t take carnal pleasure from the act.
Sirin Kale
saddest calendar on the internet

Trump Follows Through on His Highly Unrealistic Promise to Build a Wall

On his third day in office, President Donald Trump overlooks the fact that there already is a "basically useless" border fence between the US and Mexico, and pushes to build a wall anyway.
Amanda Arnold