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The Dangerous Business of Hymen Reconstruction Surgeries

In Germany and the Netherlands, the majority of women seeking hymenoplasty are young Muslim women. We speak to doctors about the rising demand for the controversial procedure.
Franziska Knupper

What Happened After This County Classified Catcalling as a Hate Crime

Nottinghamshire Police made headlines when it announced its plan to treat gender-based street harassment as a hate crime—but only 100 reports have been logged so far. Broadly investigates why the crime remains so underreported.
Ella Braidwood

I Tried to Live Out All the Stereotypes People Have About Millennials

What lies at the heart of millennial existence? I attempted to find out.
Zing Tsjeng

How the 'Step' Documentary Turns Black Teen Girls into Dance Heroes

Director Amanda Lipitz explains why she wanted her fly-on-the-wall film about Baltimore's Lethal Ladies step team to be a "pocket of joy and hope."
Katherine McLaughlin
mental health

Yes, You Can Suffer from SAD In the Summer

Almost everyone is familiar with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression that is related to the seasons. But most don't realize that 10 percent of SAD sufferers identify the warmer months—not winter—as their trigger.
Elle Griffiths

Your Cheap Kylie Lip Kit Is Probably Fake and Might Be Toxic

You might be tempted by that discount lipstick on eBay, but watch out: Knockoff beauty products are everywhere, and they can have dangerous side effects.
David Woode

We Owe Our Obsession with True Crime to Ann Rule

The pioneering author revolutionized the genre with her 1980 memoir about her friendship with Ted Bundy, and her influence is still visible in media like "Making a Murderer" and "Serial."
Seamus Kirst

In Search of Wodders: My Strange Quest To Track Down A Viral Pub-Going Emu

After a video of an emu walking down the street with its owner went viral, I knew it was my journalistic duty to track down the giant, mysterious bird.
Sirin Kale
internet culture

Why Everyone You Know Is Oversharing on Instagram Stories

Aspiration once ruled the picture-based platform, but users are starting to treat the social media app more like Twitter and Facebook.
Mitchell Sunderland

How LGBTQ Childbirth Classes Demolish the 'Perfect Mother' Stereotype

A Berlin-based midwife who cares for queer families explains why we desperately need to expand our definition of motherhood.
Barbara Kreuzpointner
birth control

In These States, You Don't Need a Doctor to Prescribe You the Pill

Despite regressive rollbacks in women's health proposed at the federal level, some state legislatures are actually working to push access to birth control forward.
Kimberly Lawson

Maxine Waters, the Internet's Political Auntie, Won't Back Down on Trump

We spoke to the 78-year-old Democratic Congresswoman from California about why she thinks it's great she became a meme.
Seamus Kirst