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Geoffrey Rush Accused of Using a Mirror to Watch His Co-Star Shower

In a new interview, "Orange Is the New Black" actress Yael Stone accused Geoffrey Rush of committing sexual misconduct when the two starred in a 2010 theater production.
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300 People Sue USC Over Alleged Sexual Abuse by Gynecologist Spanning 30 Years

We spoke with experts about the lawsuits against Dr. George Tyndell and the University of Southern California, including the allegations that the university failed to respond appropriately to claims of sexual abuse and harassment.
Kimberly Lawson
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'Creepy' Gynecologist Accused of Sexual Misconduct Was Allowed to Treat USC Students

Despite complaints spanning decades from multiple colleagues, Dr. George Tyndall kept treating young patients—in some cases, commenting on their breasts or photographing their genitalia.
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1 in 8 College Students Say They Were Inappropriately Touched By a Staff Member

A new report lays bare the scale of harassment at UK universities, with a focus on the prevalence of staff-student misconduct. Advocates say that urgent reform is needed.
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Aziz Ansari and the Reductive Ways We Talk About Consent

After sexual misconduct allegations emerged against the actor, the Internet erupted in a debate over "mixed messages." But such arguments miss the larger question: Is it time to re-envision the way we conceive of consent?
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Remember When Republicans Condemned Donald Trump for the Way He Treats Women?

A slew of Republican leaders withdrew their support for Trump's campaign immediately after the 2005 'Access Hollywood' tape was released in 2016. So why aren't more speaking out against the accusations against him now?
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'Good Guys' Harass and Abuse Women, Too

This morning, 36 women who worked with Senator Al Franken at SNL published a letter defending his character in light of recent accusations of sexual misconduct. Women's rights advocates explain the negative impact this could have on other survivors.
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