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What a Perfect Breakup Scene Looks Like, According to a Screenwriter

The screenwriter behind "Legally Blonde" and "10 Things I Hate About You" explains how you can destroy your protagonist's heart on screen.
Amanda Scriver
3 days ago
Love Bites

'You've Got Mail' Is a Love Story About a Millionaire Destroying a Woman's Livelihood

'You've Got Mail' isn't a frothy romantic comedy with added dial-up modem sounds. It's a disturbing true-to-life thriller about a corporate executive slowly driving a women's business into the ground.
Amelia Tait

7 Movies New to Netflix this February that Pass the Bechdel Test

It's peak binge-watching season. Make sure your watch list includes titles that at minimum pass the Bechdel Test.
Leila Ettachfini

5 Must-Watch Sundance Films Directed by Women of Color

Mindy Kaling as a plant worker. Awkwafina grappling with loss. Alfre Woodard as tormented prison warden. These five films had everyone talking at Sundance.
Joi Childs
Getting Out of Bed

The Real Story Behind the Most Iconic Teen Bedrooms in Pop Culture History

From "To All The Boys I've Loved Before", to "Mean Girls", we speak to the professionals behind some of the most iconic bedrooms ever committed to film.
Sirin Kale

7 Movies New to Netflix This January that Pass the Bechdel Test

Happy new year, here's to more feminist binge-watching in 2019!
Leila Ettachfini

'Dumplin'' Solved The Trouble With Teen Rom-Coms This Year

In a year of movies where everyone lied their way into happy endings, "Dumplin'" did something groundbreaking: It told the truth.
Mariella Mosthof
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Which Holiday Rom-Com Character You Are, According to Your Sign

I'm a "Love Actually" sun, "Last Holiday" rising.
Spicy Gemini Memes
End of Year

The Queer Movie Moments We Loved Most in 2018

Period dramas. Teen romance. Forbidden love in an Orthodox Jewish community. 2018 brought some amazing LGBTQ love stories to the big screen.
Alyssa Klein

The Stoner's Guide to Christmas Horror Movies

Christmas horror movies provide the brain-dead kind of escapism best enjoyed with pie after smoking shake with your uncle.
Meredith Graves

Emma Stone Kept Laughing Through One of Sexiest Scenes of 'The Favourite'

Emma Stone's character pleases Queen Anne of England in a bath scene that involved a particularly noisy sponge.
Bianca Betancourt

7 Holiday Movies on Netflix That Have Nothing to Do With the Holidays

Because horror and musicals are, like, just better?
Leila Ettachfini
Diana Tourjée