I Wish I Never Revisited This 'Proud Family' Episode on Muslim Americans

I remembered the episode titled "Culture Shock" as an exciting, rare moment of representation for Muslim Americans like me. In reality, it was simply a caricature-like depiction that I was embarrassed to revisit.
Leila Ettachfini

The Ongoing Trauma of the Muslim Students an Undercover Cop Spied on For 4 Years

A new documentary, "Watched," examines the story of an undercover NYPD officer who spent four years infiltrating a group of Muslim college students—and the harrowing psychological effects on two young Muslim women who had to live under such invasive...
Aviva Stahl and Jeanne Theoharis

I Went to a Pro-Islamophobia Rally Hosted by Canada's Breitbart in My Hijab

What struck me the most about the group of people assembled—who have adopted words like "snowflake" to point out how liberals and left-leaning people can't handle criticism or any sort of challenge—was their victim complex.
Sarah Hagi
saddest calendar on the internet

Report: Trump Uninterested in Fighting Extremism Unless It's 'Islamic Extremism'

Trump is reportedly focusing the Department of Homeland Security's counter-extremism program solely on Islam—despite the fact that violent white supremacists, who were emboldened by his win, pose a demonstrably greater threat to the American people.
Amanda Arnold

Growing Up Muslim in a Post-9/11 World

A generation of young Muslims have had the unique experience of facing discrimination under the guise of "liberation."
Fariha Roisin