sex work

The Feminist Divide Over Decriminalizing Sex Work

On Monday, the National Organization for Women joined other local groups and a representative for Gloria Steinem to oppose legislation that would decriminalize sex work in New York.
Marie Solis
Incoming Congress

Fox News Host Calls Ocasio-Cortez 'Young Lady' Who 'Doesn't Understand' Business

Fox News host Stuart Varney said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's concerns about Amazon's new headquarters in New York City prove she "doesn't understand a growing business."
Marie Solis
LGBTQ rights

New York City Adds Gender-Neutral Option X to Birth Certificates

The new law, titled Intro 954, makes it easier for transgender and non-binary people to change their legal gender.
Leila Ettachfini
sexual assault

Public Hospitals in NYC Have Destroyed Over 800 Rape Kits Since 2012

New York has no statute of limitations for reporting rape—but public hospitals are only required to keep rape kits for 30 days. Because of this loophole, advocates say, victims still have an unfairly small window for seeking justice.
Vanessa Nason

Angry Male 'Artist' Installs Statue of Dog Peeing on 'Fearless Girl' Statue

One brave man has tried to put himself at the center of the national conversation about feminism and corporatization.
Linda Yang

The Woman Who Saved Lower Manhattan From Becoming a Highway

A timely new documentary celebrates the legacy of Jane Jacobs, the revolutionary writer and organizer who fought to preserve citizens' voices as urban renewal projects threatened to destroy local communities.
Hanson O'Haver
comic con

For the Love of Cosplay: Photos of Couples at New York Comic Con

Before there was cosplay, there was love. Luckily, we captured their beautiful conjunction at Comic Con in New York City this weekend.
Diana Tourjée

The Unseen Daily Struggles of Being a Mom in the City

For people who don't have children, the city's playgrounds, access ramps, and subway handrails are innocuous, or invisible. But when photographer Maansi Jain spent a day in Manhattan with a young mom, she learned to see them in a different light.
Maansi Jain

The Best Witchy Style from New York's Annual Pagan Festival

At the fifth annual WitchsFest, attendees accessorized with healing crystals, lots of leather, and, on one occasion, an iguana on a leash.
Darragh Dandurand

Free Bleeding: NYC Public Schools to Give Out Pads and Tampons to Students

By the end of March, 25 New York City public schools will give students access to free pads and tampons. According to public health advocates, this is both essential and long overdue.
Annamarya Scaccia

Pink Razor Tax: Study Says It Costs More to Be a Female Consumer

According to a new report conducted by New York City's Department of Consumer Affairs, products marketed towards women cost seven percent more than products marketed towards men.
Mitchell Sunderland