Trying to Escape Our Hellish Reality with Motherwort, a Very Chill Herb

It's hard to ignore the fact that everything is awful. Recently, though, a group of witches told me about an herb that would make me feel like I'm "being embraced by Mother Earth."
Callie Beusman

The Enduring Allure of Baba Yaga, an Ancient Swamp Witch Who Loves to Eat People

Baba Yaga is a fearsome character from Russian folklore who lives in a hut that walks on chicken legs, and either cannibalizes her visitors or offers them help. In recent years, she's become a sort of aspirational figure on the Internet.
Marissa Clifford

How the Socialist Feminists of WITCH Use Magic to Fight Capitalism

The first incarnation of WITCH performed their inaugural action—a hex on Wall Street—on Halloween in 1968. Now a new generation of witches is taking up the mantle from the infamous provocateurs.
Gabby Bess

The Two Schoolgirls Who Fooled the World Into Believing in Fairies

With some hatpins, cardboard, and a borrowed camera, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths created the Cottingley Fairies—one of the biggest photographic hoaxes of the 20th century.
Natasha Wynarczyk

Praise Lilith, a Chill Demon Cast from Eden for Refusing Missionary Position

According to legend, Lilith was Adam's first wife. Exiled from Eden for her refusal to submit to him, she was known for centuries as a baby-snatching sex demon. But contemporary feminists and religious scholars insist there's more to the story.
Sarah Lyons

What Happened When I Tried to Use Crystals to Improve My Life

I skeptically set out to see whether crystals—which science classifies as "literally just rocks"—could alter my mental state for the better and ended up enthusiastically drinking water "purified" by a stone I had soaked in it for 24 hours.
Gabby Bess

How to Celebrate Today's Historic Eclipse Like a Witch

"It takes both a disciplined and experienced witch to harvest the power of the eclipse magic."
Steven Blum

Witches Respond to Allegations that Some Guy From Blink-182 Hexed Fyre Fest

"If Blink-182 was any good at witchcraft there would have been a point in their career where they weren't a laughingstock."
Sarah Lyons

The First Ladies Who Brought the Occult to the White House

Over the years, several presidents' wives—including Mary Todd Lincoln and Nancy Reagan—turned to spiritual practices like seances and astrology.
Amanda Arnold

Sometimes Pop Culture Really Is the Gateway to the Occult

For decades, Christian groups have warned that beloved fantasy franchises like Dungeons & Dragons and Harry Potter can lead impressionable youths astray. We spoke to some witches who can confirm this is true, though by no means a bad thing.
Sarah Lyons

Hexes vs. Prayers: Christians and Witches Are Waging Spiritual War Over Trump

As witches around the world perform rituals to bind the President of the United States, Christians and other religious organizations have retaliated with prayers of protection.
Diana Tourjée

Double Double Trudeau and Trouble: Canada Legalizes Witchcraft

The Canadian government is updating its Criminal Code to remove archaic provisions, including bans on dueling and telling fortunes.
Gabby Bess