figure skating

The Revolutionary Legacy of Surya Bonaly, a Back-Flipping Figure Skater

Surya Bonaly is one the few Black women to skate in the Olympics, who responded to unfair criticism of her technique by performing a daring, immensely difficult, and banned move.
Alejandra Mattoni
sexual assault

The 156 Victims Who Spoke Out About Abuse Spurred Lawmakers to Protect Future Athletes

The new legislation, which gained momentum following Larry Nassar's trial, requires officials to report suspected sexual abuse within 24 hours.
Kimberly Lawson

The Olympian Who Taught Me to Celebrate Black Women's Strength and Power

My world was changed when, as a nine-year-old gymnast, I watched Dominique Dawes become the first Black person of any gender or nationality to win an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics.
Britt Julious
So Brave!

Pence Bravely Ignores His Own Homophobia to Tweet Support for Gay Olympian

The vice president courageously overcame his anti-LGBT agenda to type a vague message of support to Adam Rippon, a pioneering gay athlete who won an Olympic medal.
Taylor Garron
Eva Victor

The Women Making History at The 2018 Winter Olympics

From the first American to land a triple axel to the first Nigerian bobsled team, these are the game-changing athletes to look out for.
Linda Yang

Caster Semenya, Scrutinized for Her Gender, Strides Into Olympic Finals

Olympic Caster Semenya's gender first came under public scrutiny seven years ago. This year, she's competing in Rio's Olympic games, spurring controversy that experts say is scientifically unfounded.
Diana Tourjée

'Our Olympic Message': Brazilian Women Protest the Country's Sexual Violence

On Monday, Brazilian women took to the streets to protest several high-profile sexual assault cases—including three that took place in the Olympic Village.
Ani Hao

The Uncertain Olympic Future for Trans and Intersex Athletes

The participation of trans and intersex athletes in elite sporting competitions has been controversial for decades, and the debate is centered around testosterone.
Diana Tourjée

The Special Olympics Is Not Here to Be Your 'Inspiration Porn'

The Special Olympics has always been billed as an example of equal opportunity for the disabled. But a vocal minority among the community it was created to serve call the term "special" condescending—and feel it diminishes the athlete's talents and...
Molly Oswaks

We Asked Olympic Officials How They’re Handling Sexual Assault Claims

After a second Olympian was arrested for sexual assault of an Olympic Village employee this week, we reached out to the International Olympic Committee to find out what they are doing to keep athletes and workers safe from sexual violence.
Kimberly Lawson

Can Hickeys Give You the Same Therapeutic Effects As Cupping?

Anyone who has seen Olympic athletes covered in purple spots is familiar with the effects of cupping, a form of alternative medicine that uses suction to mobilize blood flow. We asked experts if you could just have a friend suck on your back for the...
Linda Yang

Could You Sexercise Your Way to Olympic Gold?

We asked experts how frequently and intensely you would have to have sex to train for the Olympics.
Gabby Bess