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I Took a Tinder Date to My Office Holiday Party

I figured that if he was the kind of person who’d agree to a first date at a stranger’s company holiday party, he was the kind of person that I’d get along with.
Dana Hamilton

As My Family Tried to Arrange My Marriage, I Was Secretly Swiping on Tinder

My parents, unaware that I already had a dating profile of my own, signed me up for an online matchmaking service—similar, in a sense, to Tinder, but with far different expectations.
Mithila Phadke
The Privacy and Perception Issue

As a Trans Woman, Our Obsession With Labels Feels Limiting—Not Liberating

I’m trans, HIV positive, and I don’t seek to fit into a single gender binary. But my simple desire to land a date on a dating app is often lost in the terms I'm expected to use.
Juno Roche

Social Media Dos and Donts with Trixie and Bob the Drag Queen

In a full, free episode of the TRIXIE & KATYA SHOW, Season 8 Rupaul's Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen joins Trixie Mattel to talk about how to navigate the bizarre world of online dating.
Broadly Staff

I Butt-Dialed a Tinder Date Who Ghosted Me—and It Went Surprisingly Well

I never thought I'd see Mark again. My butt had other plans.
Maria Yagoda

Set Phasers to Stunning: The Intergalactic World of Star Trek Dating

These days, anybody with a niche interest can find love—especially if you want to find someone to live long and prosper with.
Alice Sanders
a day with

How One Matchmaker Changed Online Dating for Women Everywhere

In this episode of A Day With, we talk with Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe about leaving Tinder to make a feminist dating app and how the dynamics of modern dating are changing.
Broadly Staff

Tinder Is Wildly Popular in India—but No One Wants to Talk About It

Although the country has a culture of silence around sex and intimacy, one artist is dedicating herself to depicting to the realities—both joyful and tragic—of the dating app.
Chryselle D'Silva Dias

What I Learned Ghostwriting Hollywood Online Dating Profiles

During my three months assisting a celebrity dating coach, I learned that love isn't real.
Crissy Milazzo

A Match Made in Heaven: The Tinder for People Who Work with Death

With, finding love as a mortician, EMT, or anatomical illustrator has never been so easy.
Christine Colby

Online Dating Has Created a New Type of Sexual Predator

New research says that sexual assaults linked to online dating platforms like OkCupid and Tinder have increased six-fold over the last five years.
Lauren Oyler

Hex and the City: The Struggles of Dating as a Witch

Conjuring the perfect love spell is only half the battle.
Gabby Bess