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People Are Terrifyingly OK with Revenge Porn, New Study Finds

During a survey attempting to examine personality traits that might predispose someone to make or distribute revenge porn, researchers were shocked to discover how few people disapproved of this form of online harassment.
Kimberly Lawson

'I Hope You Get Raped Again': The Threats You Face as a Woman in Sports Media

For many women in sports reporting, daily sexist harassment and death threats are part of the job.
Diana Tourjée
Reporting from Azeroth

'Will You Fist Me?': World of Warcraft Players Respond to New Chat Abuse Policy

Earlier this week, Blizzard Entertainment announced a new policy saying that "World of Warcraft" players can be silenced for abusive speech. An intrepid reporter, I embedded in Azeroth to hear the locals' reactions.
Diana Tourjée

Police Care About Online Threats—When They're Directed at Police

Police have arrested four Detroit men over "threatening" social media posts, despite a documented history of law enforcement ignoring rape and death threats against women online.
Leah Carroll

Why Teens Keep Confessing to Murders on Snapchat

A Chicago teenager has just appeared in court charged with killing his friend and admitting it on the app. It's one of a long string of incidents involving teenage crimes and Snapchat.
Sirin Kale

Luke Hemmings' Girlfriend Arzaylea Speaks Out About Being Hated on Social Media

Arzaylea is hot, young, rich, and apparently dating pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer's Luke Hemmings. She says she's a "normal girl”—but not many "normal girls” have hundreds of their boyfriend's fangirls devoted to taking them down.
Logan Sachon
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Big Tits for 600: The Ugly, Sexist Aftermath of Appearing on 'Jeopardy!'

After my appearance on the theoretically wholesome game show went viral, I received countless lewd and harassing Internet comments. Sadly, my experience is not unique.
Talia Lavin

Creating While Female: How Women Artists Deal with Online Abuse

The Internet allows female artists to upend the male-dominated structure of the art world, giving them the power to be in charge of their own visibility. But it also serves as a breeding ground for misogynistic abuse.
Bunny Michael
online harassment

Finally, Someone Created a Guide to Help Protect You from Noxious Trolls

Three women who have weathered doxxing, harassment, and rape and death threats are now helping others stay safe online.
Renee Bracey Sherman