Summer Is for Children and Fools

When I was a child, I naïvely awaited summer with great longing—but I also asked for a plunger for my birthday.
Diana Tourjée

No One Should Get Plus-Ones to Weddings

If you suspect that someone would bail on your wedding if they couldn’t bring a buffer human, this person doesn’t like you enough to be at your wedding.
Maria Yagoda

Jeff Sessions Could Determine the Fate of Countless Abused Women. We Should Be Terrified

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to take domestic abuse off the list of reasons for allowing asylum in the US. In doing so, he would send untold numbers of women back to their abusers.
Chris Gelardi

When a Fetus Is a 'Child' Who Needs Protection, But a Pregnant Teen Isn't

For weeks, a pregnant, undocumented 17-year-old has been held hostage by the government and denied an abortion. She was finally allowed to get one this morning—but that doesn't change the horrific injustice she endured.
Callie Beusman

Hell Yeah: Sanders' Medicare-for-All Plan Would Guarantee Abortion Coverage

By including universal abortion coverage in his single-payer plan, Bernie Sanders is showing a significant commitment to protecting reproductive rights.
Sejal Singh

Ending Title IX Guidance Isn't Just Evil—It's Profoundly Stupid

This week, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced plans to roll back Title IX guidelines on campus rape, claiming the current procedures are unfair to the accused. This is simply not true.
Sejal Singh
Kim Wall

Remember Journalist Kim Wall for Her Outstanding Work and Big Heart

Swedish journalist Kim Wall was uniquely skilled at telling stories with sensitivity and compassion. In the aftermath of her tragic death, we should do her the same honor.
Anna Codrea-Rado

BLM Co-Founder: It Is Our Duty to Dismantle White Supremacy

Patrisse Marie Cullors of the Black Lives Matter movement shares her thoughts on Charlottesville and the actions we need to take to move forward in the face of extreme bigotry.
Patrisse Marie Cullors
Sex machina

When Does Constant Texting Count as Cheating?

If you're constantly sending emotionally intimate but totally nonsexual messages to a "close friend" who is probably romantically interested in you without telling your significant other, are you being unethical?
Maria Yagoda

Trump's New Immigration Plan Screws Over Women the Most

The RAISE Act, unveiled this week, has been lambasted by critics as discriminatory and xenophobic. It also directly attacks the paths to immigration that a majority of women rely on.
Amanda Sakuma

If You Support Anti-Abortion Democrats, You Should Expect Anti-Woman Policy

Compromising on the right to choose will have disastrous consequences. Democrats need to acknowledge that fact.
Callie Beusman

The Global Gag Rule Isn't 'Pro-Life'—It's Lethal

In her op-ed for Broadly, Senator Jeanne Shaheen explains how the anti-abortion policy expanded under Trump will leave millions of the world's poorest women injured or dead—which is why she is co-sponsoring a bill to permanently repeal it.
Senator Jeanne Shaheen