I Can’t Get Out of Bed Without Masturbating

I’m comatose until I cum. I decided to find out why.
Isabelle Kohn

'Moan' Offers Honest, Sexy, Uncomfortable Stories About the Female Orgasm

Emma Koenig's new collection of anonymous essays about coming will make you want to laugh, cry, masturbate, and rethink all your sexual experiences.
Laura Winnick

What I Found in My Search for a 'Happy Ending' Massage for Women

From male escorts to sexologists, I tested the market of sexual services for women in an attempt to pay a man to make me cum.
Karley Sciortino

What Happened When I Tried to Orgasm Every Way Possible

Experts say there's anywhere between one to 12 ways to come, from urethral orgasms to sex dreams. I boldly set out to try them all.
Ali Pantony
Sex machina

I Tried Vagina 'Weight-Lifting' to Work Out and Orgasm at the Same Time

While I was skeptical that vagina vibrating Kegel balls would enhance my orgasms, I wondered if sprucing up my vagina could spruce up my life.
Maria Yagoda
Unscrewing Ourselves

A Sex Therapist Explains the Biggest Myths About the Female Orgasm

Frustrated with cliches about the “elusive female orgasm,” Vanessa Marin founded Finishing School to demystify the art of orgasming.
Suzannah Weiss

How Sex Toys Revolutionized the Way We View Women's Pleasure

We spoke with sex historian Hallie Lieberman on the rise of sex toys, the "orgasm gap," and the narrative that Victorian doctors invented vibrators to treat hysteria.
Allee Manning
Sex machina

I Went to an 'Orgasm Stylist' to Help Me Chill Out Enough to Climax

I’d never thought of orgasms as customizable or controllable based on type of stimulation. Can orgasms wear hats? Would I be made to vajazzle?
Maria Yagoda

'The Feels' Has Viewers Asking: Should Straight Women Make Lesbian Movies?

Jenée LaMarque, director of the comedy about the lesbian orgasm, told Broadly she wanted to write about female sexuality "without a man being part of that narrative."
Trish Bendix

The Weirdest Physical Reactions People Have After Sex

Sneezing, crying, foot pain, and even flu-like symptoms have all been studied as peri-orgasmic responses to sex.
Kimberly Lawson

Men Want You to Orgasm Because It Makes Them Feel Manly, Study Says

According to research, your boyfriend's insistence on making you come may have more to do with him viewing your orgasm as a "masculinity achievement" than with your sexual satisfaction.
Kimberly Lawson
Science of Love

In Search Of the Orgasm Note, the Mythic Note That Makes Women Come

Rumor has it, there’s a musical note that makes women involuntarily orgasm. But is there any truth to the claims? We embarked on a mostly scientific investigation.
Sirin Kale