Beyoncé Is Raising Her Kids Without Gender Stereotypes, And She's Not Alone

In her September Vogue cover story, Beyoncé says that she's raising her son to be "sensitive and kind," and her daughters to see themselves as bosses.
Leila Ettachfini
Essays on Religious Exemptions

We Were Rejected From Adopting Foster Children Because We Are Gay

There are roughly 13,000 kids in foster care in our home state of Michigan, but child-placing agencies are legally allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ applicants—and more states have recently passed similar faith-based laws.
Kristy and Dana Dumont
Mother's Day

Single Moms Talk About Raising Children Alone

“People always ask me why my son’s father left me. They immediately assume that, as a black woman, I’m a single mom who’s been abandoned by the father.”
Marie Declercq
Mother's Day

Women Who Lost Their Moms Talk About Mother's Day

"When she was still alive, I often showed her how important she was to me, but Mother’s Day was always a special moment to be aware of that and be grateful for it."
Carleen de Jong
egg freezing

Women Are Freezing Their Eggs Due to a 'Deficit' of Educated Men, Study Claims

We talked to the researcher behind the study rebuking the claim that women who participate in IVF typically do so to "preserve" their careers.
Kimberly Lawson

People Are Obsessed with Criticizing Moms' Parenting Choices, Study Confirms

We talked to the researcher behind the study to understand how this sort of criticism can lead to further maternal anxiety and other adverse side effects.
Kimberly Lawson

Meet 'Woke Daddy,' the Man Challenging Toxic Masculinity With His Dad Blog

"I get a lot of negativity from insecure men,” the "Woke Daddy" blogger explains, “but it does not bother me, I was expecting it. If I manage to plant the seed and instill a spark of critical thinking, my job is done."
Olga Mecking

Judge Convicts Parents After Baby Dies from Vegan Diet

The Belgian infant died weighing nine pounds, which is at least seven pounds underweight according to CDC numbers, and had organs that shrunk to half their normal size.
Mitchell Sunderland

​Vegan Anti-Vaxxer Mom Forced to Vaccinate Her Kids By Judge

The mother told the High Court, "Their bodies are as free of toxins as I can possibly make them."
Sirin Kale

'She Was Asking the Lord to Let Her Die': Raising a Trans Child in Texas

Kimberly was a straight-ticket Republican and a conservative Christian—until she raised a transgender daughter.
Diana Tourjée

Study Finds People Are Morally Outraged by Those Who Decide Not to Have Kids

We talked to the author of a study about why people are deeply unchill about those who don't want to ever spawn offspring.
Kimberly Lawson

What It's Like to Be a Foster Mom When You're Only 23

Eighty percent of foster carers in the UK are above 45. But for a small minority in their early 20s and 30s, taking a child into their homes has been the best decision of their lives.
Lucy Draper