government shutdown

Furloughed Government Employees Are Running Out of Menstrual Products

Over the last couple weeks, I Support the Girls, a nonprofit for menstrual equity, has been inundated by requests for period products from workers affected by the shutdown.
Marie Solis

What It's Like Growing Up with the Belief that Tampons Take Virginity

As a teen, I felt stuck in a miserable balancing act: hiding tampons from my family or being shamed by friends for not using them.
Leila Ettachfini
Sex Ed

The Women Teaching America About the 'Fifth Vital Sign': Periods

After caring for pregnant people who lacked basic knowledge of reproductive health, nurse Kelsey Knight and doula Emily Varnam created a course using menstruation as a measure of health and taught it across 43 states.
Hannah H. Kim

Why Your Dreams Get Wild Right Before Your Period

We asked two doctors if your premenstrual dreams actually mean anything, and why they occur.
Kanika Banwait
Sex Ed

What Happens When You Teach Boys to Be Period Allies

To combat the stigma that keeps some girls out of school, UNICEF and other organizations are teaching boys around the world to support their menstruating peers.
Rosalie Chan

The 'Tampon Crusader' Who Pushed to Make Periods a Political Issue

Broadly spoke to Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, the author of a new book on menstrual equity, about what it's like to live in "The Year of Infinite Period Possibility."
Kimberly Lawson
birth control

The Man Behind the Pill Decided Women 'Need' to Have Periods—But They Don't

If you're on the birth control pill, you're most likely going through withdrawal bleeding once a month. But there's no medical reason for having a simulated period every three weeks.
Leila Ettachfini
reproductive health

What It's Like to Lose Your Fertility to Uterine Cancer In Your 20s

Lydia Brain's periods were so heavy that she would usually bleed through her sanitary protection and clothes. But she never thought that it was a sign of cancer.
Sarah Graham

A 12-Year-Old Reportedly Killed Herself After Being Shamed For Getting Her Period

In India, a girl committed suicide after her teacher allegedly punished her for soiling her clothes with menstrual blood. Advocates explain why period stigma can be dangerous.
Sirin Kale

It's Been Almost 100 Years and Women Still Don't Have the Tampons We Deserve

From rubber belts to hymen hysteria, the history of tampons is a reflection of the uphill battle for women's rights.
Bethy Squires
Sex machina

Is Period Sex Okay for a First-Time Hookup?

Opinions on boning while bleeding range from "It's gross" to "It's feminist." But how do you navigate this issue with a Tinder date you just met?
Maria Yagoda

The 'Culture of Silence' Around Periods Is Putting Girls' Lives at Risk

A new report reveals how taboos around menstruation and other forms of vaginal bleeding endangers the health of women and girls around the world.
Kimberly Lawson