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My Parents Told Me I Was White—Until a DNA Test Uncovered the Truth

Now that I've found out about my real heritage, those closest to me are struggling to accept my blackness.
Georgina Lawton

I Met a Pastor Who Thinks 'Transgenders' Are Deceptive—He Didn’t Know I’m Trans

Pastor Ralph Van Ness, who also works as a high school security guard, has been vocal in his fight to prevent trans people from using the bathroom. I wanted to see what he'd say face-to-face with a trans person.
Diana Tourjée

That Time as a Gay Guy When You Lose Your Girlfriends to Some Sham Like Marriage

The sad story of what happens when your girlfriend gets married or pregnant and can't snort poppers with you anymore.
Ryan O'Connell

Growing Up as the Daughter of a Real Housewife

In an exclusive excerpt from Danielle Staub's forthcoming memoir, her daughter, Christine, recounts her childhood as the daughter of one of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."
Christine Staub

Sloane Crosley Explains How Bad Writing Is Like Bad Vodka

We talked to the best-selling author of "I Was Told There'd Be Cake" about "girl books," the fucked-up confessional essay market, and her long-awaited debut novel, "The Clasp."
Lauren Oyler

Following a Trail of Dead Ladies and Trying Not to Kill Yourself

We got drunk with Jessa Crispin, the founder of Bookslut, to talk about her new essay collection, "The Dead Ladies Project," in which she writes about literary expats to stave off wanting to die.
Lauren Oyler

I Went to Grimes's Birthday Party and All I Got Was a Fight with My Boyfriend

While Solange DJed from her phone, I was pushing away a great guy who was trying to love me.
Ryan O'Connell

Working at a High-End Sex Shop

On selling lube, miming sex acts, and mediating desire.
Larissa Pham

Making a Successful Indie Film With My Brothers Was a Total Nightmare

In 2009, Kate Spicer started making "Mission to Lars," a low-budget film about trying to introduce her disabled older brother to his idol, Lars Ulrich, the drummer of Metallica. What happened next was less an uplifting tale of dreams coming true and...
Kate Spicer
personal essays

Lessons from Television's Teen Sluts

April De Costa

Clicking the Bean: The History of the Internet's Most Popular Lesbian Blog

Since Riese Bernard started Autostraddle as an "L Word" fan blog, it has transformed into a full-fledged publication receiving a reported 4 million page views a month. So why aren't advertisers attracted to the site?
Nicole Pasulka