labor trafficking

Modern-Day Slaves: Filipina Labor Trafficking Survivors Tell Their Own Stories

"My Family's Slave," a controversial personal essay published in The Atlantic last week, brought the oft-ignored issue of domestic labor trafficking to national attention.
Lena Solow

Inside the Dubious Schools Training Filipina Women for Domestic Work Overseas

For working-class women in the Philippines, becoming a live-in domestic employee abroad is a chance to provide for themselves and their families. But they often face exploitation and debt from training centers, employment agencies, and the employers...
Justin Heifetz​​

Going on a Christian Mission Was the Most Shameful Thing I've Ever Done

My deepest shame doesn't come from giving a $20 blowjob when I was broke. I regret more than anything else an action that most Christians would deem the ultimate expression of Godliness: I proselytized religion in a poor, developing country.
Tracy Chabala
sexual assault

Filipina Comfort Women Demand Reparations from Japan

While Japan has officially apologized to South Korea for enlisting women as sex slaves during World War II, Filipina victims remain unacknowledged in their struggle for justice.
Mari Shibata

Why Filipinas Can't Get Birth Control—Even Though It's Now Free By Law

In the staunchly Catholic Philippines, a new Reproductive Health Law was supposed to make getting contraception easier. But many women are still relying on "natural family planning"—and still getting pregnant.
Lee Marshall