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These Drag Kings Are the Only Royalty We Acknowledge

The performers of Pecs, a British drag collective of women and non-binary people, are proof that it feels good to be king.
Jason Okundaye
4 days ago

These Intimate Portraits Examine How Hair Connects to Gender Identity

After chopping her hair off in college, this Indian-British writer turned to her friends to understand how hair can feel closely tied to who we are.
Sharan Dhaliwal

Reshaping the Occult Narrative, One Witch Portrait at a Time

After learning her ancestral ties to witch persecution, photographer Frances F. Denny decided to shoot a series that reframes the narrative around the occult.
Miss Rosen

Outrageous Lewks from Brooklyn's Massive, Two-Day Drag Fest

Bushwig 2018 featured an epic line up, including several "Drag Race" stars.
Sarah Burke

14 Powerful Portraits Showing the Diversity of Asian-American Feminism

These artists and activists can't be contained by the "model minority" myth.
Tiffany Diane Tso

Brilliant Photos of Black Joy at the 2018 Afropunk Festival

In its 13th year, Afropunk BK is more than a music festival. It's a Black revival of self-expression.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
Photo Essay

These Students Designed Functional and Stylish Clothes for Disabled Seniors

Open Style Lab's summer program at Parsons School of Design pairs engineers, designers, and therapists with a person with a disability to make accessible clothing, tech, and wearables. We took a look at this year's showcase.
Elizabeth Renstrom

These Very Glam Portraits Celebrate the Beauty of Double Chins

For its latest issue, London-based queer zine Polyester wanted to highlight the double chin as part of a message of fat acceptance and body positivity.
Sirin Kale

Beautiful Photos of One Man’s First Night in Drag

Sometimes the joy of living in your own skin is only a pair of heels and a night out away.
Adan Michel

Photos of Drag Queens and Kings Dragging Donald Trump's UK Visit

The LGBTQ community turned up in full force—and full drag—to protest President Donald Trump's first visit to the UK.
Alice Zoo
Zing Tsjeng

The Story of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Rise to Victory, in Photos

Intimate images showing how a 28-year-old progressive beat long-time Democratic leader Joe Crowley, becoming the first woman of color to represent her native Bronx neighborhood.
José A. Alvarado Jr.
The Privacy and Perception Issue

Stunning Photos That Show the Intimacy of Undressing

Photographer Alex Thebez's two series here, "A Handful of Unfulfilled Wishes" and "Undressed," both address the ambiguity and fluidity of our identities, on the internet and off of it.
Alex Thebez