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MTV Reboots 'True Life' With a Look at the Lives of Kardashian Stans

In the reboot of MTV's critically acclaimed show, "True Life," the first episode's subjects go to great lengths to look like the Kardashians.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

I Got Surgery to Look Like My Selfie Filters

What happens when you want to look 'filtered' IRL, all the time?
Broadly Staff
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I Got Butt Surgery for Instagram Likes

In this episode of Plastic Planet, we talk to three women with very different stories about their journeys towards a bigger butt.
Broadly Staff

Doctor Must Pay $18K After Photos of Patient's Breasts Were Leaked Online

When Mandi Stillwell gave her surgeon permission to use her anonymous photos in promotional materials for his clinic, she never dreamed she'd be identified online. When she was, she took him to court.
Sirin Kale

What It's Like When You Only Grow One Breast

For young women with Poland's Syndrome, their chest can become a source of profound shame, setting them on a path of plastic surgery and ravaged self-esteem.
Jessica Pan
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When You Have Body Dysmorphia, Coping Through Plastic Surgery Can Be a Nightmare

For people with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), who obsessively fixate on their perceived physical flaws, cosmetic surgery often seems like a viable solution. But instead, it often causes symptoms to worsen, trapping BDD patients in an endless...
Stephanie Dubick

Inside Instagram's Secretive Plastic Surgery Support Community

On Instagram, thousands are sharing no-holds-barred pictures of their surgery under hashtags like #rhinoplastydiary and #rhinoplastyjournal. Experts are worried that they paint an unrealistic picture of what surgery can achieve.
Leonie Roderick

Inside the Intense Training Centers Where Young Girls Compete to Be K-Pop Stars

For those who hope to make it in South Korea's K-pop music industry, training centers like Def Dance Skool are a rigorous, expensive first step to stardom—though few students will actually get a contract with a major label.
Justin Heifetz​​

Injecting Blood Into Your Clit Is a Bad Idea, but People Are Doing It Anyway

For around $1,500, you can get blood into your clit to enhance your sex life. A plastic surgeon says, "Don't do it."
Sirin Kale

Model Convicted of Manslaughter in Illegal Butt Injections Case Wins Appeal

Last Friday, a Mississippi appeals court reversed a decision that landed Natasha Stewart, aka "Pebbelz Da Model," in prison for referring a fan to the woman who gave her "the biggest butt in the entertainment game."
Gabby Bess

Scrotal Lifts Are the Hottest Plastic Surgery Trend for Men with Saggy Balls

A recent article in the "Telegraph" named the testicle surgery "the next trend in male grooming." We doubt that.
Gabby Bess
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Inject and Freeze Your Way to the Coveted Thigh Gap

Several new, non-invasive procedures offer the possibility of achieving a Tumblr-sized space between your legs. But is thigh gap obsession a thing of the past?
Mish Barber Way