Queerly Beloved

After I Transitioned, My Sibling Did Too

As adults, my sibling and I have both found our own queer chosen families—but before that, we found each other.
Diana Tourjée
Queerly Beloved

'Queerly Beloved' Is Broadly's New Podcast About LGBTQ Chosen Families

Hosted by Sarah Burke and Fran Tirado, "Queerly Beloved" tells the stories behind five incredible, unlikely, and extremely queer relationships.
Sarah Burke

My First Time Pegging Someone Changed How I Think About Sex

"Pegging is the ultimate tamer of men....It’s like having a nuclear weapon in your armory."
Nichi Hodgson
My First Time

The First Time I Was Paid for Sex

"A lot of sex workers talk about this feeling of crossing a boundary, the first time you’re paid for sex. It’s a transgression—once you’ve done it, you can’t go back. You’re marked by society for life."
Lucy Foster
My First Time

Clown Sex and Toxic Threesomes: Five Stories of 'First Times'

This year, we launched our first podcast, "My First Time," focusing on all the "firsts" we encounter in our sex lives. Catch up on all our past episodes here.
Zing Tsjeng
You Know Who Rules?

How Cameron Esposito Plans to Revolutionize Comedy in 2018

"There’s no part of me that thinks that my being a woman or being a gay woman has benefitted me in the comedy world. What if 2018 was the year when it did?"
Melissa Kravitz

The First Time I Had Sex After Transitioning

After Charlie Craggs started presenting as a woman full-time, she began having sex with straight guys—and came to realize firsthand how little they care about women's pleasure.
Charlie Craggs

The First Time I Got Spanked and Realized My Fetish for Watching Men Get Hard

"But, even though I'd fantasized about getting spanked, the pain came as a surprise. Like, whoa, shit, that does actually hurt a lot."
Girl On the Net

The First Time I Had Sex With Someone While Dressed As A Clown

"When I was inside him he was looking at me, and he said, 'You know, I think this is the first time I’ve ever been pegged by someone in clown makeup.'"
Miss Quin
Unscrewing Ourselves

The Podcasts Covering the Kinks, Pleasure, and Personal Stories that Sex Ed Doesn't

Without a federal standard for comprehensive sex-ed, people are turning to podcasts for frank discussions about sex.
Mallory Schlossberg

I Had a Threesome with My Boyfriend and the Girl He Was Cheating on Me with

She looks at me and says, “Is it okay if I kiss your boyfriend now?” My gut is twisting, and I can’t really look, but I also have to look.
Hayley Quinn

You Can Now Listen In on Other People's Couples Therapy

In one episode of her new podcast, "Where Should We Begin?," renowned therapist Esther Perel blindfolds a couple and encourages the husband to adopt a French-speaking persona named Jean-Claude.
Steven Blum