Muslim Women's Day 2019

5 Muslim Women Artists Whose Powerful Work You Should Know

Follow them. Support them. Give them your money.
Leila Ettachfini

Nikki Giovanni Has Advice for Black Women Dealing with Emotional Labor

"We seem to be spending time telling white people what they're doing wrong, instead of telling Black people what we're doing right," Giovanni tells Broadly.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Morgan Parker’s 'Magical Negro' and the Multiplicity of Blackness

“I was thinking about ‘Black Girl Magic,’ which is cool, but I’m also a real person, so I wanted to explore what is magical about us according to us.”
Dianca Potts
Black Power Naps

A Poem for the Anxious and Exhausted

jamilah malika's poem "rest / woke" works as ritual Black people can reflect on to connect with their bodies.
jamilah malika

3 Witchy New Poems That Find Art in the Occult

Some magic words from poets Jen Calleja, Dorothea Lasky, and Amy Key, courtesy of the new collection "Spells: 21st Century Occult Poetry."
Dorothea Lasky
Amy Key
Jen Calleja

Fatimah Asghar Questions What It Means to Be American

In her debut book, "If They Come For Us," the Pakistani-American poet articulates the fractured feeling of growing up as a Muslim orphan with an immigrant background in the US.
Sarah Burke

The World's First Author Was a Chill Priestess to an Even Chiller Goddess

Meet Enheduanna, the Mesopotamian princess and religious leader whose poetry celebrated a celestial goddess who could smash mountains and change people's gender.
Dee Cunning

'His Misogyny Lacks Imagination': Poets Critique Sean Penn's #MeToo Poem

The actor's supposedly fictional novel "Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff" ends with an epic poem where the woman-hating protagonist tries to take on the #MeToo movement. We asked professional poets what they think of it.
Sara David
women’s history

The Radical Poetry of Audre Lorde's Confidante, Pat Parker

The work of the Black lesbian poet and Black Panther is a salve for times like these.
Dianca Potts
Womens History Month

Traveling the Country with My Queer, Feminist Roadshow Family

"As soon as I stepped onstage at my first Sister Spit show, I felt my spirit open up to receive the sea of queer faces smiling, nodding, snapping their fingers."
Juliana Delgado Lopera

Translating the Poetry of Women of Color into Their Mothers' Language

The intergenerational film series "Mother Tongues" is a homage to moms, daughters, and the languages that unite them.
Marta Bausells

Eileen Myles Has Always Been Cooler Than You

To mark the publication of the writer's new collection of poems, "I Must Be Living Twice," we spoke to Eileen Myles about her decades-long journey from cult writer to feminist icon, sexism in publishing, and when she became cool.
Gabby Bess