stranger things

'Stranger Things 2' and the Shadow Monster of Masculinity

With the great ego-demolishing men of Hawkins, Indiana, "Stranger Things 2" offers a disarming spectrum of masculinity and its many-tentacled harms.
Sara David
The Craft

Boring Sarah Is the True Villain of 'The Craft'

"The Craft" is a story about a trio of chill and fun witches who are minding their own business and casting spells, only to have their fun ruined by an anti-feminist wet blanket.
Alana Massey
This Week in 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Deserved Better After Her 2007 Nude Photo Leak

Ten years ago this week, the "High School Musical" actress was forced to apologize after multiple websites published her private photos without permission.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

Criss Angel Intended to Transform Britney Spears into Birds at 2007 VMAs

When the princess of pop was spotted at dinner with the magician, tabloids speculated that the pair were dating. In fact, they were cooking up an elaborate comeback magic show.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

When 'High School Musical 2' Made Theater Kids Cool

Ten years ago this week, a non-sensical television musical about a country club talent show changed teenage theater kids in America forever.
Mitchell Sunderland

Paris Hilton Is Now a Meme Queen, Long May She Reign

The heiress pioneered the archetype of cheeky, self-roasting TV personalities on "The Simple Life"—now, she's harnessing that power with hilarious, nostalgic memes.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

Spencer Pratt Reflects on His Iconic Feud with Lauren Conrad 10 Years Later

What began as a sex tape rumor snowballed into a reality TV war that dominated pop culture for the next two years.
Mitchell Sunderland

Reality Stars on Whether Trump's White House is as Dramatic as Reality TV

One day you're in, and the next day you're out.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

Honoring Angelina Jolie's Bonkers Suit Against a Perfume Named 'Shiloh'

In one of the strangest lawsuits of 2007, Angelina sued over a perfume that happened to share her daughter's name.
Mitchell Sunderland

'Laguna Beach' Reboot Is a Boring Mess About Surf Bros Who Lack Chest Hair

Where MTV's original succeeded because of drama between Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari, "Siesta Key" flounders due to its focus on generic guys in boardshorts.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

Rihanna's Forgotten Bob Marley Cover Deserves a Rewatch

Before the mononymous icon was a multi-genre success, her cover of "Is This Love?" provided a poignant glimpse of her transformative talent.
Mitchell Sunderland
This Week in 2007

Remembering the Car Chase that Forever Changed Lindsay Lohan's Career

The summer of 2007 was supposed to launch Lindsay as an edgy, Oscar-bait actress. Instead, she drove 100 miles an hour on the Pacific Coast Highway.
Mitchell Sunderland