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The White House Can't Stop Hiring and Defending People Accused of Assault

White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned today following accusations that he abused his two ex-wives. He's not the first person with an alleged history of violence against women to be offered a position in the Trump administration.
Linda Yang

Is Banning Trans People from the Military Unconstitutional?

Following President Trump's statements on Twitter saying that trans people will be prevented from serving in the military, advocates, lawyers, and lawmakers are preparing for what happens next.
Kimberly Lawson
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Saddest Calendar on the Internet: A Daily Tracker of Trump's Damage

Don't cry because it's over; cry because it's only just begun.
Broadly Staff
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Trump’s Massive Expansion of the Global Gag Rule Will Kill Women, Advocates Warn

The global gag rule forbids foreign NGOs that receive US funding from even speaking about abortion—and Trump just expanded it substantially. Millions of women could suffer and die as a result, reproductive rights organizations say.
Rebecca Grant

Trump Says He Will Appoint Anti-Abortion Judges to Supreme Court

In his first interview since his election, Donald Trump outlines his horrifying plans for US reproductive health and Roe v. Wade.
Sirin Kale
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How You Can Fight for Your Rights During the Trump Presidency

The unthinkable has happened and Trump is about to take office. Leading activists and campaigners explain how to stay strong and keep fighting during his presidency.
Sirin Kale