Fighting Inequality in the Ever-Expanding Legal Weed Industry

These women of color advocates explain how cannabis businesses must break the cycle of injustice with community investment and equal access.
Hannah Hickok
14 hours ago
Criminal Justice

Cyntoia Brown's Clemency Gives Hope to Other Trafficking Survivors

After being incarcerated for 15 years, a trafficking victim who received a life sentence after killing the man who paid her for sex as a teenager was granted clemency. We spoke with trafficking activists on what this case means for other survivors.
Kimberly Lawson

Should These Women Be In Prison For Killing Their Alleged Abusers?

Emma-Jayne Magson was sentenced to life in prison after stabbing her allegedly abusive boyfriend during a fight. She is now appealing her murder conviction.
Emily Goddard

Women-Led Initiatives Are Closing the Gender Gap in Prison Coding Programs

Coding bootcamps for prisoners have been around since 2014, but they used to be exclusively for men. Girl Develop It is one of the women-led programs tackling that problem.
Zara Stone

After Marrying Her Prison Pen Pal, This Woman is Sharing Inmates' Writing

Inmate Blogger founder Suzie Jennings was inspired to set up her publishing platform after seeing how much writing helped her incarcerated husband, Steven.
Carmen Russo
Criminal Justice

Trafficking Victim Serving Life for Killing Man Who Hired Her for Sex Pleads for Clemency

At 16, Cyntoia Brown was sentenced to life in prison for killing a man who bought her for sex. Now, her fate rests in the hands of Tennesse Governor Bill Haslam.
Kimberly Lawson

'I Loved Myself for the First Time': Women Prisoners Heal Trauma with Dance

High percentages of incarcerated women suffer from untreated PTSD. One quickly expanding program is successfully using dance to help them move forward.
Ari Honarvar
Sex Trafficking

How a Sex Trafficked Teen Was Sentenced to Life for Killing a Man Who Bought Her

This week, celebrities like Rihanna, TI, and Kim Kardashian have posted about how the system has treated Brown unfairly, and a petition calling for her a pardon has garnered more than 200,000 signatures.
Kimberly Lawson

GOP Politician Accused of Joking that Protesters Should Be Raped in Prison

In response to reports that antifa protesters in Portland clashed with police this weekend, Minnesota Rep. Pat Garofalo tweeted they should be held in jail for 72 hours and given "alone time with Bubba in Appalachia."
Diana Tourjée

Pregnant Mom Jailed for Three Weeks for Driving with a Suspended License

Sadly, Tanisha Bynum's case is far from unusual. Thousands of Americans are held in jail for minor infractions because they can't afford to pay bail—and black women are particularly impacted.
Rachel Anspach

How the Cruel Campaign to End 'Conjugal' Visits Hurts Incarcerated Moms Most

For many incarcerated women, overnight family visits are the only chance to spend substantial time with their children. Though these programs are vital and successful, they're often painted as unnecessary or extravagant by conservative critics.
Katie Rose Quandt

State Court Officials Accused of Donning Blackface for 'Prison-Themed' Party

"These are individuals that are inextricably a part of the court system, and they are making a mockery of people who are incarcerated."
Gabby Bess