Palestinian Rapper Makimakkuk Dreams of a Borderless Future

Makimakkuk a.k.a. Majdal Nijim makes emotive and uplifting music about the realities of life in the West Bank under Israeli occupation.
Sirin Kale

Anna Calvi On Her Pioneering Rock Album About Gender-Nonconformity

The twice Mercury Award-nominated artist sits down with us to discuss "Hunter," her critically acclaimed album about sexual freedom.
Sirin Kale

The Incredible Love Between Jazz Jennings and Her Fiercest Advocate—Her Mom

Jazz Jennings became a public figure in 2007 as a transgender child, and has risen to fame in the years since. Along the way, her mother Jeanette has never once left her side.
Diana Tourjée
Best Of

Our Most Memorable Profiles of 2017

From "Mattress Girl" to Maxine Waters, these are the profiles that we're proudest of this year.
Broadly Staff

What Life Is Like After Leaving One of the Most Notorious Cults in the World

After escaping religious cult the Moonies, Diane Bencoster committed herself to rescuing other recruits—even getting arrested in the process. Now in her sixties, she reflects on a life spent in the shadows of one of world's most famous cults.
Dominique Sisley

The Space Archaeologist Studying the Junk Humans Leave Throughout the Cosmos

"People think of space as this empty place, but there's all this human material in it."
Aimee Knight

Sex Icon Kitten Natividad Is Telling Her Own Story Now

Sex propelled veteran burlesque star Kitten Natividad to the upper echelons of cult cinema royalty. We met with Natividad in her Hollywood home to talk about her life and how she's documenting her extensive body of work.
Marla Bahloul
witch week

The Hoodwitch Helps Women Tap into Their Inner Goddess

Bri Luna empowers women through mysticism and feminism online. We talked to her about crystals, honoring the moon, and witchcraft becoming trendy.
Marie Lodi

Vaginal Knitting Artist Is Now Threading Your Hateful Comments in Period Blood

In 2013, Casey Jenkins infuriated Internet commenters with a performance art piece that involved her knitting with wool inserted into her vagina. Now she's fighting back with a new masterpiece.
Lindsay Schrupp