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The Trans Woman Running for Senate in Colombia to Fight for Sex Workers

In Colombia, the majority of trans women must rely on sex work as a means to survive. Tatiana Piñeros wants to advocate for their rights, and work to create more job opportunities for trans people.
Eve Hartley

The Sex Workers Fighting for Better Health Care

"Many sex workers are uninsured and pay out of pocket for healthcare, often relying on harm reduction projects, public health funding, or sliding scale clinics."
Mitchell Sunderland
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Police Are Allegedly Sleeping with Sex Workers Before Arresting Them

In many US states, it is technically legal for undercover cops to have sex with sex workers during the course of anti-prostitution sting operations. Advocates argue this is nothing less than institutional rape.
Sirin Kale

Why More and More Young Women Are Getting Arrested for Prostitution

London has seen a 191 percent increase in the number of 18 to 25-year-old women arrested for prostitution, according to exclusive police figures obtained by Broadly. Why are young sex workers getting apprehended by cops?
Harriet Agerholm
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Does Shaming Men Who Buy Sex Stop Prostitution?

In an attempt to curb prostitution, police departments in Orange County, California are publishing pictures of johns on their website for up to year. Privacy and sex work advocates say they are just ruining lives.
Cole Kazdin

The Horrors Committed by the 'Vampire Pimp' Who Was Sentenced to 27 Years

Damion Baston was an abusive man who beat women and insisted they call him "Drac," short for Dracula.
Matthew Tinoco
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Sex Work Classifieds Site Backpage Wins Small Victory in Appeals Court

Backpage, a website where escorts frequently post classified ads, just won an injunction against a county sheriff with aims to shut them down. This isn't only a victory for Backpage; it's a victory for the first amendment.
Susan Elizabeth Shepard

My Grandma, the Sex Worker

When Dad told me that my grandmother used to be a prostitute, I didn't know whether to believe him. Seven years later, I phoned up Grandma to ask.
Rachel Grace Almeida

When Nepali Women Are Victims of Sex Trafficking, Their Kids Pay the Price, Too

Nepal is one of the few countries where citizenship can only be passed down through both parents. This means there's little hope for the children of single mothers who were victims of sex trafficking.
Danielle Preiss and Pragati Shahi
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Spain's Sex Supermarket

In Spain, sex work laws are vague, and they've created a culture where demand for sex is at an all-time high. We examine a cross-section of the industry to understand what sex work is like for those who choose it and those who don't.
Broadly Staff