Camping Outside Congress During Argentina's Abortion Vote

Early Thursday morning, Argentina's Senate voted against legalizing abortion. I spent the 10 hours before standing in the cold with fellow activists hoping for a different outcome.
Paloma Navarro Nicoletti
burqa ban

Women Are Covering Their Faces in Solidarity to Protest Denmark's Veil Ban

Muslim and non-Muslim activists alike met up to prepare for a demonstration against Denmark's new “burqa ban.”
Shani Pedersen
reproductive rights

Abortion Activists Send Message to Google Shareholders via Plane Banner

Women’s advocacy organization Ultraviolet sent a plane to fly over Google’s annual shareholder meeting with the message, “Accessing Abortion Care? Google Lies," to highlight misleading search results for abortion care.
Kimberly Lawson
sex work

'There Is a Lot of Fight We Still Have to Fight': Voices from the Sex Workers' March

Attendees of the International Whores' Day rally in Las Vegas tell Broadly why they march and what they want people to know about the sex work industry.
Bridget Bennett

'United, Beautiful, Powerful Women Coming Together': Photos of the Women's Rally

We talked to the women who left work and took to the streets for "A Day Without Women."
Brandon John

In Photos: New Yorkers Flood JFK Airport in Massive Outcry Over Muslim Ban

"If you come for one of us, you come for all of us."
Michelle Leung

Women Share the Tattoos They Got to Commemorate the Women's March

"I will always remember the steps that women and supporters took on Saturday, January 21st to stand up for what we believe in."
Sarah Hagi
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Trump Denies 'Muslim Ban,' Details Plans to Restrict Muslims from Entering US

During an interview with ABC News, Trump attempted to give more insight into "not the Muslim ban," explaining that he would instead impose restrictions on entry for "countries that have tremendous terror."
Amanda Arnold
women's march

How to Prepare and Stay Safe While You March

This weekend, people around the world will take to the streets to protest the inauguration and stand in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington. A representative from the ACLU explains how to stay safe while exercising your First Amendment...
Candace Bryan

Most Young People Care About Issues—But Not Enough to Take Action, Studies Find

According to recent studies, millennials spend more time talking about political issues online and less time protesting compared to previous generations.
Kimberly Lawson
Donald Trump

'I Am Going to Fight for Us': The College Students Organizing Against Trump

Faced with the prospect of coming of age in Trump's America, young people of color and LGBTQ students are protesting, calling their representatives, and considering career changes in order to advocate for marginalized groups.
Linda Yang

Not My President: Thousands Protest Outside of Trump Tower

Photos from the anti-Trump rally that overtook New York City on Wednesday night.
Jessica Bal