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Amber Rose Speaks Out About R. Kelly and the 'Cycle of Abuse'

After watching "Surviving R. Kelly," Amber Rose detailed her experiences with sexual assault victims and why there's no excuse for the singer's alleged behavior.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

The Psychology Behind Stalking

It’s comforting to believe that we can easily spot a stalker. But people who engage in stalking actually vary far more widely that you'd expect.
Christine Ro
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Echoism Is the Little-Known Condition that Affects Victims of Narcissistic Abuse

Echoism is a condition that can arise as a result of sustained abuse at the hands of narcissists. It's now gaining awareness as survivor communities push for recognition.
Clare Wiley

Why Do Men Always Assume You're in Love with Them? An Investigation

Evolution says it helps their mating odds; psychology says they have attachment issues. I think they just aren't very humble.
Sara David
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Narcissists Love Liking Other Narcissists' Selfies on Instagram

New research from Sejong University in South Korea suggests that narcissistic people love selfies—even when they're not in them.
Sirin Kale

The Mirror-Touch Synesthetes Who Can Literally Feel Your Pain

People with the unique neurological condition aren't just sensitive to the emotions and physical sensations of others—they feel them like it's their own.
Layla Haidrani

What Your Weird Sex Dreams Actually Mean

Do you actually want to bang your best friend, or are you just craving adventure?
Rachel Grace Almeida
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What Happened When I Used a Vibrator as an Alarm Clock

Would having an orgasm first thing in the morning help me get out of bed, or just make me want to stay longer?
Maria Yagoda

How the Fourth of July Became a Sex Holiday

From the plethora of grilled meats to the sweaty possibility of sex under the fireworks, studies have shown that America's birthday turns people on.
Maria Yagoda

How Dating Apps Might Be Ruining Your Chance at Finding Love

A new study examines how judging someone based on attractiveness before meeting them could affect your ability to experience a real connection.

How to Tell if You’re a Psychopath or Just a Bad Person

Self-diagnosed psychopath and neuroscientist Dr. James Fallon reveals how psycho you have to be in order to be an actual psychopath.
Zing Tsjeng

How to Cope with Grief in Wake of Attack at Ariana Grande Show

Following the Manchester bombing that killed 22 and injured 50—many of whom were women and girls—many are struggling to cope. We spoke to psychiatrists about the grief process for such a tragedy.
Kimberly Lawson