The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spinoff Is Unhinged Queer Camp

Every time there wasn’t a queer twist, I was surprised—transitively, the heterosexual plot lines in this show are the real twists.
Jill Gutowitz

Islam Helped Me Find My Path as a Queer Sex Educator

Wazina Zondon, a co-creator of the storytelling performance Coming Out Muslim, discusses finding clarity and joy in her sexuality through religion.
Wazina Zondon

Meet the Photographer Taking Intimate Portraits of Queer Asian Nightlife in NYC

Photographer Aki Kame focuses on lifestyle portraiture by day, but at night they head to parties like NYC's Bubble T to capture their friends and community.
Leila Ettachfini
this is fine

Dyeing My Hair Rainbow Colors Will Never Make Me 'Less Asian'

Rather than my race, my hair became what people recognized and distinguished me by. But as my white friends began to accept me, I realized that my acceptance of myself was suffering.
Michelle Zhu

How Rachel Weisz Became the Unofficial Straight LGBTQ Ambassador

People used to love Rachel Weisz for her charming and magnetic romance roles. But that was before the rabid queer internet community and I got a hold of her.
Jill Gutowitz
End of Year

The Queer Movie Moments We Loved Most in 2018

Period dramas. Teen romance. Forbidden love in an Orthodox Jewish community. 2018 brought some amazing LGBTQ love stories to the big screen.
Alyssa Klein
year in review

15 Albums That Got Us Through 2018

Both sonically and lyrically, these works moved the culture forward when everything seemed to be moving backward. Here are our favorite albums of 2018.
Mary Retta
My First Time

How I Seek Out Intimacy as an Asexual Person

As a queer, asexual person I often felt like an outsider growing up. But now I've found my community of people like me, in a society that seems to revolve around sex.

9 Intimate, Revelatory Books About Queerness

Recent must-reads outside your basic heterosexual canon.
Laura Winnick
You Make Me Wanna

Carmen and Shane Showed Me How Hot It Is to Be Gay

"The L Word" defined a generation of queer women's sexual awakenings, including mine.
S. Nicole Lane
Queerly Beloved

Meet Faluda Islam, the Muslim Drag Queen From the Future

On this week's episode of "Queerly Beloved," we hear the story of how, with the help from queer family, artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto developed his anti-Islamophobic drag persona.
Sarah Burke

This Photographer Spent Seven Years Photographing Their Trans Bestie

Laurence Philoméne is intent on showing their intersex and trans best friend in all his layered beauty.
Laurence Philomène