Border Control Enthusiast Banned From Crossing UK Border

Lauren Southern is an alt-right blogger who's advocated for strict border controls and attempted to blockade humanitarian ships rescuing migrants. The UK Home Office confirmed she has been denied entry.
Broadly Staff
Black Lives Matter

How to Be an Ally, According to Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Alicia Garza

The organizer, writer, and speaker tells Broadly what she learned growing a hashtag into an international activist movement, and her hopes for the future—including launching the first Black census.
Linda Yang

Putting a Pink Pussy Hat on a Harriet Tubman Statue Is Disrespectful

A gender studies scholar explains how pink pussy hats center white cisgender women, and why the decision to place one on a statue of an enslaved black woman who helped others escape slavery is "opportunistic and ahistorical."
Kimberly Lawson
maternal health

What Serena Williams's Birth Story Says About Racism in Health Care

Institutionalized sexism and racism put black women's lives at risk, say maternal health and racial justice advocates.
Kimberly Lawson
golden globes

Why Oprah's Golden Globes Speech Was So Damn Good

In a moment where she had every right to be self-centered, Oprah used the platform to highlight the experiences of “the women whose names we’ll never know.”
Leila Ettachfini
You Know Who Rules?

The Student Activist Who Exposed Her 'Progressive' Professor's Racist Views

Kayla Parker wrote a viral essay about her experience with a professor who included a racist question on a history test. In the aftermath, she's ignited a national conversation on what it means to be an ally.
Shelby Black

'You Can’t Be Afraid of Failure': Meet Charlotte's First Black Female Mayor

Vi Lyles made history when she was elected mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina in November. She talks to Broadly about how she hopes her win reminds young people, and especially young women, to be brave in the face of adversity.
Kimberly Lawson

Student Charged with Hate Crime for Rubbing Used Tampons on Roommate's Things

In a Facebook video, University of Hartford freshman Chennel Rowe, who is black, details the abuse she faced from her former roommate Brianna Brochu, who is white. Brochu allegedly also put moldy clam dip in Rowe's lotion and spit in her coconut oil.
Linda Yang

What I Learned From Getting Fired by L'Oréal After Speaking Out Against Racism

Munroe Bergdorf was L'Oréal's first black trans model. She tells Broadly what it was like to be fired by the cosmetics giant after her Facebook post on white supremacy went viral.
Munroe Bergdorf

How to Fight the Resurgence of Neo-Nazism in the Age of the Internet

Two women who have researched neo-Nazis on the internet for years share why hate groups are now being pushed onto the "dark web" and how "free speech" needs to be redefined for the digital age.
Steven Blum

How White Women Are Responsible for the Confederate Monuments We Have Today

Because their interests were seen as apolitical, white women in the South were able to advance an insidious, racist agenda long after the Civil War had ended.
Bethy Squires

Pregnant Mom Jailed for Three Weeks for Driving with a Suspended License

Sadly, Tanisha Bynum's case is far from unusual. Thousands of Americans are held in jail for minor infractions because they can't afford to pay bail—and black women are particularly impacted.
Rachel Anspach