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The Assault Survivor Finding Comfort in Sexual Therapy Tools

Too often, the medical community focuses on treating physical trauma alone. These tools aim to provide a more holistic approach to recovery.
Sirin Kale

A Woman Was Raped on Camera After Answering a Fake Modeling Ad, Police Say

Police in Trinidad and Tobago believe that the perpetrator may have sold footage of the victim and up to 20 others as rape porn to overseas buyers.
Sirin Kale
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Abuse Survivor Sues Pastor Who Said He Could 'Heal' Her PTSD With Sex

Amy McClanahan of San Diego is suing John Wright, a pastor and university professor, for sexual battery and rape.
Sirin Kale
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Woman Who Was Forced to Marry Her Rapist at 11 Is Trying to End Child Marriage

Because of legal loopholes, child marriage still exists in some states. This week, the Florida State passed a bill that would make it illegal to grant a marriage license to anyone under the age of 18.
Kimberly Lawson
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10 Men Who Have Successful Careers Despite Being Accused of Rape

Some critics of the #metoo movement have warned that accusing men of sexual assault will ruin their careers, but for high-profile men like Billy Cosby, Woody Allen, Kobe Bryant, R. Kelly, and Donald Trump, this hasn't been the case.
Kimberly Lawson

How I Learned To Enjoy Sex Again After Being Raped

It took years for feminist activist Sophie Lu to realize she was raped—and even longer to process how it affected her sex life going forward.
Sophie Lu
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Amid Reports of Widespread Rape by Police, Kenyan Women Seek Justice

Sixty-five Kenyan women say they experienced sexual violence at the hands of state security agents last fall. Now, survivors are turning to activists for help in the harrowing task of reporting the police to the police.
April Zhu
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Aziz Ansari and the Reductive Ways We Talk About Consent

After sexual misconduct allegations emerged against the actor, the Internet erupted in a debate over "mixed messages." But such arguments miss the larger question: Is it time to re-envision the way we conceive of consent?
Sirin Kale
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How Artists Are Using VR to Talk About Healing from Sexual Assault

Zohar Kfir’s VR documentary and online platform, “Testimony,” captures the stories of survivors from sexual assault—and is now open for contributions.
Sarah Burke

Woman Raped With Tree Branch Dies Two Years Later of Internal Injuries

Russian cosmetics representative Anna Barmina took almost a year to regain consciousness after being attacked by a serial rapist. She was so traumatized that she never spoke again.
Sirin Kale
forced marriage

The Women Risking Their Lives to Escape Forced Marriages

"Every person has a threshold, and when they reach it, they cannot take it anymore. I reached mine, and decided to look for my own happiness.”
Puja Changoiwala
You Know Who Rules?

The Author of the 'Stealthing' Study on Changing How We Talk About Rape

Alexandra Brodsky, author of the study that looked into the trend of nonconsensual condom removal during sex, talks to Broadly about her research's impact.
Linda Yang