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'Keeping Up With The Kattarshians' Is Iceland's New Reality TV Show About Cats

Producer Inga Lind Karlsdóttir says that many mocked the idea of a TV program starring kittens, but "all the people who were laughing then aren't laughing now."
Sirin Kale

Josh, the Awkward Kisser from 'Love at First Kiss,' Actually Had a Good 2016

This fall, the internet fell in love at first meme with the 27-year-old, never-been-kissed breakout star of TLC's most uncomfortable reality show. We caught up with Josh Basili to reflect on his year and learn how he's carrying his boundless optimism...
Josie Thaddeus-Johns

Why Reality Stars Are So Obsessed with Throwing Drinks on Each Other

The wine-hurling Real Housewives of today come from a long tradition: Since the early 1900s, women in film have been angrily tossing drinks on their rivals and nemeses.
Elizabeth King

Kim Zolciak Still Has No Patience for People Who Are Tardy for the Party

The star of "Don't Be Tardy," and former Real Housewife of Atlanta, opens up about her stroke, the demands of being a reality star and mother, and what it was like being the only white woman on "Real Housewives of Atlanta."
Mitchell Sunderland

Justin Bobby From “The Hills” Is Still a Man Who Wears Boots to the Beach

The man so great he needed two first names sits down at the Roosevelt Hotel pool to explain why his life has changed but is exactly the same.
Jonathan Buckley

Heidi Montag Liveblogs 'The Hills' 10th Anniversary Special

In honor of the 10th anniversary special episode of the iconic MTV reality show "The Hills," former cast member Heidi Montag—who does not appear on the special—is liveblogging the television event, starting at 9 PM EST.
Heidi Montag

'Bad Girls Club' Twins Sue Producers, Claim They Set Up Violent Attack

Everyone knows reality TV isn't real. Two women who recently appeared on the Oxygen show claim they learned the hard way.
Gabby Bess

‘Little Women: NY’ Star Tells Us What It’s Like to Be a Sober Little Person

Lila Call packs a big punch on the Lifetime reality show, with her straight talk about her co-stars and her own public struggles with sobriety.
Emalie Marthe

Real Housewife Robyn Dixon on How Race Plays a Role on the Show

The “Real Housewives of Potomac” star opens up about her unconventional relationship with her live-in ex-husband, her bankruptcy, and why racial identity became such a controversial issue this season.
Seamus Kirst

Kris Jenner Allegedly Encouraged Caitlyn Jenner to Pray Her Gender Identity Away

In an excerpt from his book, "Kardashian Dynasty," unauthorized biography king Ian Halperin claims the momager urged Caitlyn to turn to God to "heal."
Ian Halperin

Smells Like Scandal: The Artist Making Perfumes Inspired by 'Dynasty'

London-based artist Sarah Baker reveres all things fake and fabulous about Hollywood. As she prepares to launch her latest project—two perfumes inspired by A-list glamor and "Dynasty"—she talks art, commerce, and the genius of the Kardashians.
Philippa Snow

Meet the Mysterious Humans Who Attended a Lauren Conrad Book Signing in 2016

"She's my inspiration. I learned how to do makeup from her books and blogs. She wants to share her knowledge."
Drew Millard