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How to Break Up With a Friend Without All the Drama

Breakups are hard, especially when they happen between friends. Here's a guide about how to make ending a friendship easier and kinder, according to an expert.
Leila Ettachfini
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My First Time

How I Seek Out Intimacy as an Asexual Person

As a queer, asexual person I often felt like an outsider growing up. But now I've found my community of people like me, in a society that seems to revolve around sex.

In Defense of Keeping Your Relationship Offline

When my boyfriend and I decided to keep our relationship off social media, it was about choosing to live in the moment and refusing to perform love for validation.
Gabrielle Sorto
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Gabrielle Union Talks About Her Biggest Failure: Her Marriage

Gabrielle Union sits down with Broadly to discuss how her failed first marriage taught her to fight for her own happiness.
Broadly Staff

Who You Should Hook Up with This Cuffing Season, According to Astrology

Whether you're looking for kinky sex or someone to share your deepest, darkest secrets with, there's a sign out there for everybody this cuffing season.
Leila Ettachfini
My First Time

What It's Like Having Sex While in Recovery from an Eating Disorder

After Laura Hearn left a residential treatment facility for an eating disorder, she didn't just need to reset her relationship with food: she had to learn how to exist as a sexual being in the world.
Laura Hearn

Healthy Relationships Have Boundaries. Here's How to Set Them

I know, it's the worst.
Leila Ettachfini
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5 People on What They Wish They Knew in Their First Relationships

Writers Marie Lodi Andreakos, Tasbeeh Herwees, Muna Mire, Krista Burton, and Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard weigh on in the love lessons they would have appreciated hearing early on in their romantic careers.
Amy Rose Spiegel

You Should Be So Lucky to Have a Relationship Like Scully and Mulder

"The X-Files" has fascinated viewers with alien conspiracies for 25 years, but it was the love between the show's wildly different protagonists that kept us captivated.
Diana Tourjée
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Breaking Up with a Depressed Partner Doesn't Make You a Bad Person

When my partner Max was struggling with depression, I tried to be everything to him—but sometimes, you need to let the people you love seek professional help on their own.
Shanti Das

Dating Made Me Broke And Depressed–So I Became A Sugar Baby Instead

Dating requires give-and-take. If you're a divorced single mom like Megan Evan, the give might come from a sugar daddy.
Megan Evan

We Asked People How They Feel About Casual Nudity with Sexual Partners

"It’s a way to be free and not sexualized," says one person. Another just doesn't have air conditioning.
Leila Ettachfini