You Make Me Wanna

Carmen and Shane Showed Me How Hot It Is to Be Gay

"The L Word" defined a generation of queer women's sexual awakenings, including mine.
S. Nicole Lane
My First Time

I Built a Sex-Positive Dildo Empire. Here's What I Learned

Zoë Ligon is the founder of Detroit sex toy emporium Spectrum Boutique. She shares the lessons she's learned during her time in the industry—and why you can never use too much lube.
Zoe Ligon

How Does the Annovera Contraceptive Ring Actually Work?

The manufacturers of the new, long-lasting contraceptive ring Annovera argue that the device, which is self-insertable and can be worn internally for up to a year, will revolutionize birth control for low-income women.
Sirin Kale

All the Drama That Nearly Kept 'Heathers' from Making It to Theaters

We spoke to the "Heathers" screenwriter, director, and cast to celebrate the cult classic's upcoming 30th anniversary.
Sirin Kale
You Make Me Wanna

Charlie B. Barkin Was a Complex Dog with a Dark Past—And My First Crush

As the socially awkward child of a single mother, my sexual awakening was never going to be conventional. But cartoon dogs alighted within me a fire that later led to my love of goofy men.
Dominique Sisley

'Pepper Ann' Was the Most Underrated Feminist Cartoon of the 90s

Pepper Ann was the groundbreaking 12-year-old heroine of her eponymous TV show. Creator Sue Rose and writer Nahnatchka Khan explain how Pepper Ann impacted a generation of girls.
Chloe Schildhause
My First Time

Training My First BDSM Slave Helped Me Embrace My Bossy Side

Mistress Eva never thought about being a dominatrix until an old boyfriend suggested it—but she's learned more about female power from being in a dungeon than she ever thought she could.
Mistress Eva
science of sex

Do 'Libido Cures' Actually Work? I Found Out the Hard Way

Many products claim to cure low libido, from clitoral injections to energy drinks. There's little scientific evidence they work, so I decided to find out for myself.
Suzannah Weiss
My First Time

How Sex Changed for Me After Embracing My Disability

In her teens, Kelly used sex to show that she was like everyone else. But after accepting her disability, she learned to enjoy sex even more.
Kelly May Perks-Bevington
International Women's Day 2018

Women Around the World Share the Sexist Things They Can't Believe Still Exist

It's 2018, but women still face innumerable obstacles in their daily lives. In honor of International Women's Day, women explain what they'd like to see change in their home countries.
Broadly Staff

Twitter Slammed for Launching 'Tone-Deaf' Oscars Ad Celebrating Women

Many users pointed out that the social media giant has been historically all too averse to fixing the ongoing harassment of women on the site.
Sirin Kale

A Woman Was Raped on Camera After Answering a Fake Modeling Ad, Police Say

Police in Trinidad and Tobago believe that the perpetrator may have sold footage of the victim and up to 20 others as rape porn to overseas buyers.
Sirin Kale