science of sex

Can Lasers Improve Your Sex Life?

There is limited research on the causes and treatments of female sexual dysfunction, but some doctors are now using laser therapy as a new approach to helping women enjoy sex again.
Sirin Kale
science of sex

What Happened When I Tried to Electro-Shock Myself to Orgasm

What if you could have sex that's literally electric? I tried out some of the top electro-sex toys on the market, to find out if currents really can help you come.
S. Nicole Lane
Love, WTF?

I Tried to Find Love on a Sea Captain Dating Site

To see if this dating site was a rockin', I came a knockin'.
Stevie Martin

The Wellness Blogger Who Faked Cancer and Fooled the Entire World

Belle Gibson built an empire peddling lies about health food and cancer. We speak to the authors of a new book that uncovers the unbelievable magnitude of her fraud.
Sirin Kale

The Orgy that Saved My Marriage

"It felt like you could have your cake and eat it too, like, is this too good to be true?"
Cathy Keen

'Let My Work Speak for Itself': Meet the Cinematographer Shaking Up the Oscars

"Mudbound" has made Rachel Morrison the first woman nominated for Best Cinematographer in the Oscars' 90 year history—but she doesn't want to be defined by her gender.
Sarah Hurtes

Finding My Sexuality After Leaving My Husband—and an Islamist Cult

"I was able to really look at her, and see what it looked like when two women were together, and it was so beautiful."
Zorah Khan

Woman Stabbed to Death By Ex-Boyfriend Days After Reporting Him to Police

Every week, two women like Molly McLaren are murdered by current or ex-boyfriends in England and the UK—and reporting to authorities often offers little protection.
Sirin Kale

Bigots Are Donating Thousands to Keep Trans Women Out of UK Politics

A fierce debate rages within a major British political party as to whether trans women should be supported through women's only diversity initiatives. Now, a group of trans-exclusionary feminists are fundraising to block trans women from being elected.
Sirin Kale
sexual misconduct

Aziz Ansari and the Reductive Ways We Talk About Consent

After sexual misconduct allegations emerged against the actor, the Internet erupted in a debate over "mixed messages." But such arguments miss the larger question: Is it time to re-envision the way we conceive of consent?
Sirin Kale

What Life Is Like After Leaving One of the Most Notorious Cults in the World

After escaping religious cult the Moonies, Diane Bencoster committed herself to rescuing other recruits—even getting arrested in the process. Now in her sixties, she reflects on a life spent in the shadows of one of world's most famous cults.
Dominique Sisley

The First Time I Got Spanked and Realized My Fetish for Watching Men Get Hard

"But, even though I'd fantasized about getting spanked, the pain came as a surprise. Like, whoa, shit, that does actually hurt a lot."
Girl On the Net