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Brett Kavanaugh Could Decide Up to 13 Abortion-Related Cases in the Next Year

More than a dozen abortion rights cases in district courts could make it to the Supreme Court in time for a newly confirmed Justice Brett Kavanaugh to weigh in.
Marie Solis
Abortion Rights

Anti-Choice Trump Official Once Paid for His Sexual Partner's Abortion

Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement Scott Lloyd has tried to block multiple immigrant minors from getting abortions, but a new report says he once took a woman he slept with to get one.
Marie Solis

Senate Republicans Are Trying—Yet Again—to 'Defund' Planned Parenthood

Senator Rand Paul wants to use September's spending bill as a vehicle to cut off federal funds from abortion providers after the GOP's many failed attempts to defund Planned Parenthood.
Marie Solis

We Are Already Closer to the End of Legal Abortion Than We Think

If a conservative judge like Brett Kavanaugh is appointed to the Supreme Court, we can expect a barrage of dangerous new anti-abortion restrictions proposed and enacted across the country.
Jex Blackmore
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The Powerful Voicemails Women Who Had an Abortion Left for Their Senators

Planned Parenthood asked women to record their abortion stories as part of a new campaign to block Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation.
Marie Solis
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Congrats to These Congressmen Ranked 'Worst for Women'

American Bridge and Ultraviolet, two progressive groups, gave 15 sitting members of Congress failing marks based on their votes on abortion rights, health care and more.
Marie Solis
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An Anti-Abortion Group Is Distributing the Home Addresses of Abortion Providers

The group printed the names and addresses of two Planned Parenthood doctors on hundreds of flyers.
Marie Solis
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Senator Gillibrand Has a Plan to Block Trump's Nominee and Save Roe v. Wade

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says blocking the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh requires speaking to every one of her colleagues about the issues they care about.
Marie Solis
roe v. wade

Holding a Coat Hanger, Cynthia Nixon Shares Her Mother's Illegal Abortion Story

The New York gubernatorial candidate brought a wire hanger to a Tuesday rally protesting Trump's Supreme Court nomination as a reminder of a United States without Roe v. Wade.
Marie Solis
roe v. wade

Everything You Need to Know About Brett Kavanaugh's Anti-Choice Record

Just last year, Kavanaugh ruled against an immigrant teen in federal custody seeking an abortion.
Marie Solis
roe v. wade

What It Was Like Getting an Abortion Before Roe v. Wade

Jo Baxter opens up about getting an illegal abortion in 1965—and her fears now that abortion rights in the US are under attack.
Jo Baxter
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I Went to a Catholic Hospital During My Miscarriage—And It Nearly Killed Me

At the time, I was staunchly anti-choice, and did not go to the hospital looking for an abortion. But when I found out the pregnancy was ending, I just wanted to get the care I needed.
Laurie Bertram Roberts